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Small and medium-sized businesses have endured dramatic changes over the past two decades. The online retail market has completely shifted the way many businesses interact with customers. Digitization and data analysis have both revolutionized operations and decision-making processes. For many entrepreneurs, just keeping up with industry advances can feel like a part-time job.

But business success is not about keeping up with the trends. If you want to capture a greater market share you need to leverage technology to improve your operations. The right managed IT services in Philadelphia PA partner can change your fortunes forever.

Philadelphia Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Benefits

Keeping Your Investment Secure Through CyberSecurity

Technology is only as helpful as it is secure. What is the point of having a powerful customer database if your information gets stolen by hackers? Online threats to your business change daily. You need a cybersecurity solution that moves as fast as the hackers to protect your data.

Finding the right security partner can help you avoid interruptions to your operations, financial losses, and reputation damage. Don’t be part of the 60% of small enterprises that close shortly after a cyberattack (Inc.com). Prepare in advance with active threat monitoring and security training for your employees.

Cloud Based Solutions

These days many industries find themselves adapting to the cloud. But shrewd business owners have to know how to separate meaningless fads from real tools that can advance your enterprise. Why struggle through the torrent of cloud jargon available online when you can trust the experts?

The power in forming technology partnerships is from finding someone who already follows your industry’s trends. The right cloud services partner can help you understand whether cloud-based data storage or operational solutions like Microsoft Office 365 will work for you.

Business Continuity And Emergency Planning

You would not dream of operating your business without insurance. Emergencies happen, in life and in business. Around half of all small businesses don’t reopen after a disaster (fema.gov). Business Continuity plans can help you develop alternative operations in case your primary arrangements fail.

Technology experts can help you leverage modern cloud solutions to make sure you can operate no matter the circumstances. Backing up your data and technology infrastructures using offsite cloud options provides protection against physical threats such as fire and flood. Redundant data storage and automated duplication and recovery plans can protect you against hackers, ransomware, and technology downtime. A continuity expert can make sure you always have the resources you need to keep going.

Co-Managed And Other Special Arrangements

The days of standardized technology options have ended. Make sure your technology partner tailors their tools to your business instead of the other way around. You need a managed services Philadelphia pa provider that is committed to understanding your particular circumstances before developing a technology solution.

Co-managed IT solutions are often used to allow enterprises to dedicate internal IT staff to sensitive information or proactive operational updates. Fully managed IT partnerships are useful for companies that want to focus completely on core services. Many businesses simply need IT consulting services to make strategic technology-based decisions about their future.

Philadelphia Managed Services Provided By Kyocera Intelligence

You don’t run your business with the bare minimum in mind, so why should your approach to technology be different? Kyocera Intelligence can help you leverage technology to minimize risks and enhance your Philadelphia business success. We can combine our experience and knowledge with the specifics of your organization to create a detailed plan for your success. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation!