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Maintain Security and Usability with Advanced Data Governance Solutions

Is your data so secure that you’re having trouble accessing it? While protection is the ultimate consideration, you must also be able to utilize the data stored within your organization.    

Mass quantities of data — and the ability to access these details securely and trust their accuracy — is foundational for all types of organizations. From analytics that is used to drive business decisions to customer data points that tell your operations team when and what to ship, gaining quick access to protected data is one of the primary challenges that corporations face in today’s fast-moving marketplace. Without effective data governance, organizations risk having inconsistencies in data points between various systems. This is particularly problematic when you’re attempting to match customer names across an eCommerce and in-store purchasing experience, for example. Poor data compliance is also a regulatory risk, one that could potentially cost your organization thousands of dollars for remediation and in fines.

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Protecting Sensitive Data Points from Internal and External Threats

It’s unfortunate, but the reality is that there are nearly as many internal threats to your data integrity as there are cybercriminals attempting to gain access from outside your organization. Internal threats range from careless sharing of data to vendors, lack of security in two-way data exchanges and even unauthorized access of sensitive information by staff members. Healthcare and life sciences organizations have the greatest risk factors for an internal data breach, with more than 59% of threats originating inside the organization according to a Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report. Other types of entities may need to focus more on external threats, which make up 70% of breaches across all business verticals.

Creating a Robust Data Governance Solution

Advanced data governance involves breaking down the silos between organizational entities, such as sales and marketing platforms and websites, various software platforms and other customer databases. Centralizing this information and creating a “single source of truth” allows you to more accurately audit and then classify data by access requirements, level of confidentiality and usage. Working with stakeholders throughout the organization helps ensure that you are not eliminating necessary access to data; but instead, that you are offering the right access for individuals based on their unique business roles and responsibilities. Standard policies and procedures for data governance and automated logs can help ensure that your data is only being accessed on an as-needed basis. Network monitoring that leverages machine learning capabilities can be used to identify unexpected or unusual spikes in network activity, which could indicate that there is a breach or unauthorized access occurring.

From policy creation to workflow management, balancing a true data governance solution requires a deep understanding of compliance and security requirements as well as a fine-tuned empathy towards internal and external customer data needs. Finding the ideal solution is one step closer when you partner with the professionals at Kyocera Intelligence Mid-Atlantic, the premier IT services and support provider for the Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia area. Our business technology advisors have decades of experience creating secure solutions for data governance as well as advanced IT solutions. Contact our team of experts by calling 800-875-8843 or filling out our quick online form to schedule your free initial consultation.