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Cybersecurity Training & Technology Security Expertise

It’s not your firewalls. It’s not your anti-virus. It’s your staff.

Many of the most common cybercrime tactics in use today — phishing and social engineering –target the user as the vulnerability. Even a single unaware employee is enough for a cybercriminal to take advantage of.

But don’t worry – this is good news!

Your staff is a crucial part of your security, which means all you need to do is just invest in their understanding of the latest cybercrime tactics. Your employees need to have the training to ensure they can get most out of your company’s hardware and software without exposing you to major security risks.

Why Is Cybersecurity Training Essentials?

What Should Security Best Practices Your Staff Be Aware Of?

Protect Sensitive Information

Sensitive information – passwords, business data, and more — is valuable to cybercriminals, and they work hard to get their hands on it. Don’t make it any easier for them.

  • Only use web pages with URLs that begin with “https” – if it’s missing that “s”, then it’s not secure.
  • Avoid Phishing Scams – don’t fall for emails that want business information and have the following characteristics:
  • Generic salutations (“Dear Account Holder”)
  • Sender email addresses that don’t correspond to the organization they’re speaking on behalf of
  • Alarmist tone, or a sense of urgency
  • Misspellings, poor grammar, and typos

Why You Need Strong Password Management

Create Strong Passwords And Keep Them Secret

The sad fact is that the most commonly used password worldwide is “password”. You and your team can do better.

  • To make passwords strong, use long phrases or sentences that mix capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Don’t use the same password everywhere. If it’s stolen or inadequately protected by the site, all the accounts it protects are at risk.
  • Don’t share passwords with anyone or be tricked into giving them away. Many account takeovers occur because the owner disclosed the password.

The Kyocera Intelligence team understands that security isn’t a matter of “set and forget” technology; in reality, it begins and ends with the user.

Our team has successfully helped so many businesses just like yours to train their staff to use IT securely. Kyocera Intelligence is proud to offer you a comprehensive training program that will answer the following questions and show you how to mitigate the associated risks:

  • How to avoid compromising your company?
  • How to avoid having your Internet accounts stolen?
  • How to avoid having your identity stolen?
  • How to avoid internal theft?
  • What can be done with physical access to your computer and/or your phone?

Cybersecurity Training

We Will Train Your Team!

As technology continues to become more sophisticated and complex than ever before, your employees may be operating on outdated knowledge – take the time to make sure they know what they need to in order to use technology securely.

As a part of our security services, the Kyocera Intelligence team offers:

  • Comprehensive employee training that includes on-demand, interactive, engaging training.
  • Thorough employee testing, with simulated friendly phishing emails, example social engineering exercises, and more.

Our team of IT security experts can work with you and your staff members to help you keep your technology secure.

Want to know more about protecting your business by investing in your staff’s security awareness? Contact Kyocera Intelligence at (800) 875-8843 or [email protected].