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Document Management Services & Technologies

Having Trouble Keeping Track of All Your Important Documents? Your Kyocera Intelligence Team Can Keep Everything in One Easily Managed Source to Improve Productivity and Save Costs

Your business’s documents are at the center of your productivity and accountability. Whether you’re managing confidential financial, legal, or medical information for a client, keeping track of invoices for accounts payable or receivable, or just filing your employees’ monthly reports, you need to ensure that your documents are secure and easily used and accessed every day.

Document Solutions & Services

Kyocera Intelligence can help your business consolidate all your document creation and administration needs with our Document Management Services.

Your One Source team is focused on improving your staff’s productivity and reducing costs by bringing all of your document management needs together. Our Management Solution is guaranteed to be:

  • Cost-Efficient: There are too many steps involved with important documents, whether it’s in who needs to authorize them, different people involved in the input of information, distribution to the right recipients, and more. We simplify your workflow and ensure that documents are easily shared among users and locations quickly and efficiently.
    We also adapt our Document Management solutions to your way of doing business, so there’s no expensive overhaul of your operations – we’ll make sure we fit in services like:

    • Centralized printing & scanning capabilities, to easily send documents to the right devices for their needs, saving time and money.
  • Easy to Implement & Use: One Source uses a single, universal driver for every document device, so set up and comprehension is easy. We’ll customize your control panel to suit your preferences and needs, and we make sure you can replicate your settings across all your needed devices. Everything is administered remotely, and your user access is easy to control, so you don’t have to worry about complicated settings eating up your valuable time. We include the ability to:
    • Connect any needed device to your document management network.
    • Print from any device on the network, and print to specific printers if needed.
    • Retrieve, edit, and print documents from any cloud-based source like EverNote or Google Docs.
    • Easily collaborate on documents using platforms like Microsoft Sharepoint.
  • Secure: We ensure that all the documents in your managed system are fully protected both from unauthorized internal and external sources. We help you implement specific controls for every device and type of document, and you can easily define who in your staff has access to view, edit, scan, and print any document or to any device or location. You maintain complete control with:
    • Card authentication services, so your ID badges can control access to devices.
    • Access locking to control a user’s authorization for specific documents and functions.
    • Regulation compliance for data security laws like HIPAA or PCI.
    • Section 508 compliance, and DoD 5015.2 compliance

Document Management

The Kyocera Document Management Solution has helped many businesses like yours secure their documents and improve their workflow to maximize productivity and lower costs.

To learn more about what we can do for you, schedule a free no-obligation review of your business’s IT by calling us at (800) 875-8843 or emailing us at [email protected].