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Don’t Replace Your IT Team – Make Them Better With Co-Managed IT Services

Is your internal IT staff overworked with daily, tedious tasks? Are they struggling to make progress on major projects? Then it’s time to invest in a little extra support.

Does your IT staff quickly fall behind when they have to complete a project? What about daily support tickets – is there a delay in getting the resolved? Can your IT manager take a vacation without feeling guilty, or will they have to answer support request emails while they’re away?

These are common challenges that come with managing an internal IT team. However, the solution isn’t to replace them with something else – instead, you can make them better.

The Limitations Of Internal IT

Here’s the reality – an internal person or team can only offer so much in terms of availability, time, and skillsets. You might have the most talented IT team in the world and they will still be limited in what they can do.

It’s not your fault and it’s not their fault; it’s just the reality of IT services in an increasingly complex and tech-dependent world. No internal IT team can be experts in every single technology your business processes rely on, and even if they were, there are only so many hours in the day.

What’s the solution? Many businesses are turning to co-managed IT services.

What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

Co-managed IT services allow organizations and their IT teams to take advantage of the expertise and skill of a team of IT specialists when needed, and without paying expensive salaries or benefits.

It’s an affordable solution that allows you to expand and improve your current IT resources and make sure you always have the tech support you need.

  • You Can Harness The Expertise You Need: If your staff is having difficulty keeping up with their support workload, your co-managed team can supplement their efforts. Our team has extensive experience delivering support in a range of environments, and can help your IT team do the same.
  • You Can Scale With Ease: As your organization grows and evolves, you may need to scale up your efforts. Rather than hiring more technicians, you can use co-managed IT on a month-to-month basis. If you find you no longer need as much assistance, you can quickly scale back. You’re never locked in.
  • You Can Customize The Arrangement: Kyocera Intelligence can customize the agreement to the needs of your organization. Whatever you and your team need, we can provide it. Examples of co-managed IT services arrangements include:
  • We support the servers, Internal IT supports the desktops and end users
  • We provide the monitoring, Internal IT calls us when they need additional help
  • We provide and manage the backup and endpoint security
  • We support the virtual infrastructure
  • We provide the monitoring and help out when the tough problems arise!
  • We share our ticketing tools with your IT team

Give Your IT Team The Support And Resources They Need To Grow

Don’t let your support tickets pile up or your projects sit unfinished any longer. Talk to the Kyocera team today to augment your internal team with additional support from ours.

With a little extra help from our team, you will…

  • Eliminate overdue support requests for your end users and vastly reduce day to day downtime.
  • Complete major projects more quickly and effectively.
  • Have the freedom to strategically devote your internal IT teams capabilities where they’re most needed, without overworking them.

The quality and effectivity of your IT team is up to you. Will you give them the resources and support they need to succeed?