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Technology Solutions, IT Services and Tech Support For Private Schools Throughout The Mid-Atlantic Region.

Private schools are facing some difficult challenges these days. Enrollment is down and that means fewer tuition dollars for the school. The reasons for this vary. Families have more choices these days. Public education in Pre-K through 8th grade has improved, but homeschooling has become very trendy, especially with so many online resources. There are more private school options as well.

When tuition dollars are down, private schools must often cut back on their services. Though the budget is always at the forefront of many decisions, one area that is important to maintain is the school’s technology.

In this day and age, people expect the highest level of technology solutions, especially in a private school where the monthly cost is often high. In order to keep families enrolled in your private school, you must do everything possible to set yourself apart from other schools. You need to show that your institution offers a family more for their money.

Is Your Private School Offering The Best Technology Solutions?

In order to compete, you need:

  • Excellent security for faculty and students
  • Secure, reliable Wi-Fi networks for students and guests
  • A solid Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program

Kyocera Intelligence supports private schools with technology that can set your private school apart from the crowd.

Co-Managed IT Support for Private Schools

Most private schools have an in-house IT staff handling their technology, but this is often insufficient to deliver the high quality of technology in the Education sector that parents are looking for. However, with enrollment down, schools simply think there’s nothing they can do to improve their IT services for faculty and students.

One solution that works for many private schools is co-managed IT. When you have a team of IT professionals to augment and assist your in-house IT people, this will help provide the complete support your school needs without the additional expense of salary, benefits, and taxes. With outsourcing part of your IT support, you receive multiple engineers with various levels of expertise to “fill the gaps.”

Kyocera Intelligence can provide a wide range of products and services for your students and faculty including:

  • Chromebooks
  • Ipads
  • Interactive display boards
  • Collaboration between students and teachers
  • BYOD that includes Android, iPhone, tablets, etc.

Your Dedicated K-12 Education IT Provider

With One Source as your Strategic Partner for Technology in Education, you can rest easy knowing we have your classroom covered. When your technology acts up, we’re there to get things straightened out.

Our Education IT Support Team Gets An “A” In Service

Get the technology your school needs to be superior. Work with a dedicated team led by a single point of control. Get education IT support for your entire infrastructure including servers, networks, and computers.

Do you need support for your school’s CRM and essential apps like Blackbaud, Edline, Blackboard, or Office 365? No sweat! We will have our engineers speak with their technical support to ensure things are running smoothly.

Collaboration and Mobility

Untether your students and lesson plans from the classroom. With the right technology, you can free your students to go out in the world where real learning happens. Mobility and collaboration take place in a secure, safe environment. This type of educational excellence is what parents are looking for so their kids can be ready to move into the future.

Security & Scalability In The Cloud

We can host, support, secure, protect and control your technologies to ensure a high quality of service in the cloud for all your Information Technology resources. Cloud computing has greatly enhanced capabilities for private schools. It provides on-demand access to various services via the Internet such as computer processing, software functionality, applications, and data storage.

With our secure private cloud, you can store student data, family information, financial records, test scores, evaluations, documents, and other important information in the Cloud, instead of using expensive in-house servers.

Education IT Services That Help You Excel

Never again let IT problems keep your students and faculty from the high calling of education. Empower teachers and administrators to work smarter and more efficiently. With the right IT technology at your fingertips, you can shine in your community. Your school will leave its mark on students and families.

The Kyocera Intelligence team can handle full school IT management, co-managed IT services, or occasional help with critical summer projects. We’ll work with you to provide whatever you need, whenever you need it. Our wide range of services is available for a predictable monthly fee or on an as-needed basis. Regardless, you can be assured that our team will give you the outstanding managed IT services your private school deserves.

  • Software Management & Updates
  • Hardware Management & Monitoring
  • Device & Network Security
  • Onsite Support
  • Email Hosting
  • Server & Workstation Backups
  • 100% Mobility
  • IT Consulting
  • 24/7/365 Online Support

E-Rate Expertise

Assistance to the school with submitting E-Rate reimbursements which can qualify the organization to be reimbursed for up to 90% for upgrades in internet services, VOIP phones, servers, network infrastructure, and the maintenance/support of your network.

Education IT Services & IT Support For Private Schools Throughout Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Throughout The Mid-Atlantic.

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