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Need Help Aligning Your Business Needs With IT Infrastructure?

Technology is today, more than ever, an essential part of business operations and growth policies. Failure to purposely integrate technology into your business plan automatically gives your competitors a cutting edge over and above you. It also limits the productivity of your staff. In extreme circumstances, blatant disregard for technological trends could cost you key employees, who might end up joining your competitions.

With increased internet connectivity and exponential mushrooming of IT service providers, one would expect that administrators would be spoiled for choices when seeking external IT solutions. Unfortunately, the opposite is true; finding the right company for outsourcing IT support to completely manage or co-manage your IT systems with an existing internal staff can be a daunting experience.

What used to be the definition of IT Management Companies has been watered down with the emergence of substandard startups that claim the same space as esteemed IT solution providers. Some of them cannot go beyond monitoring and patching your systems. They are just glorified computer repair firms, if not business advisors. Companies like these are what we call “VCOs” (Virtual Captain Obvious).

Aligning Your Business With An IT Infrastructure

How Do You Identify A Competent IT Management Company?

Before entering into engagements with any Managed IT vendors, you should ask them these questions:

  1. Is the IT support company financially stable? The last thing you want is for the vendor to close down in the middle of your contract.
  2. What level of experience and expertise do they have in IT management? Which technologies and software tools are they using? Who are their experts, and which relevant credentials do they have?
  3. Which security measures do they have in place to safeguard your systems and data?
  4. Do they provide fixed, predetermined solutions or align their technologies to your business?

Technology Alignment: Why Is It Essential For Your Business?

Having an IT partner that not only knows your technology but also understands your business is vital; in any case, there is no need for an IT unit if there is no business. The support firm’s professionals need to know where your business is at the moment, where it intends to go, your business growth plan for the next couple of years, what your industry competitors are doing to drive revenues and profits, and ensure beyond any shadow of a doubt that your systems are running efficiently so that your employees are productive to the optimum. They must be keen to align technology with your business processes, and not just VCO.

Your IT partner is your business partner, obliged to provide technology alignment and checkups, and technological business planning/budgeting. This technological roadmap must mirror your business plans!

How Does Kyocera Intelligence Help Its Clients Align Their Business Needs With IT?

We offer more than just maintenance and repair of your computer systems. Our holistic approach to IT solutions includes services such as:

Technology Check-Up And Alignment Day

This involves delegating a Senior Engineer to come on-site, dedicate time to critically evaluate your business’ performance, and conduct a detailed proactive technology checkup. This is a cautionary add-on to our ultra-modern monitoring tools that do this automatically, with the understanding that routinely having expert eyes on your systems goes a long way in keeping things running efficiently and averting potential threats.

As part of our Technology Alignment Day routine, we review critical network systems, test your backup and business continuity solutions, clean up your network room for easier management, train your employees on relevant Microsoft applications, and review security features for any weak points or backdoors.

Strategy Overview Process

Our professionals sit down with your firm’s executive team to constructively discuss your business’ roadmap and financial projections. Note that this is not a discussion about computers, but a formative conversation about your business, to help us tailor our solutions precisely to address your needs.

We also get to agree on what is working and areas that need to be improved, your plans for the next 18 months, and how best to achieve them, and the role that you want IT to play to enable you to reach those goals. We then expand that information to create a Technology Strategy Overview, taking everything into account. This will help plan investments in your business and budget them out over the next three years from a conscious standpoint.

Complete IT Management

Of course, we still provide day to day IT management and support as our stem service. We offer a layered security stack that helps in protecting our clients, Microsoft patches, updates, reviews, and scheduling.

A loose link in the communication chain with your customers can cost your business a fortune. According to Forbes, a company can lose as much as $75 billion as a result of poorly structured customer services. We boast a hyper-professional Help Desk team that is always ready to assist your employees and end-users in understanding how our systems function and how best to leverage them.

Ready To Align Your Business Needs With The Right IT Infrastructure?

Our expertise is not limited to these services alone. We offer many more support functions with clearly defined procedures in place to help accord our clients the best IT management and advisory assistance.

What sets us apart from other IT support firms in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington? We have an all-round approach to managing IT. Our illustrious programs like Technology Alignment Days and Strategy Overview have helped our clients grow, remain efficient during pandemics, and attain a competitive advantage.

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