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"Thanks for your help. You guys are great! Bill and Kojo are always extremely pleasant. It's great that I don't have to hang out on the phone while they work on my computer!"

– Sheri Walker – Dean Lumber –

"Our new employee, Sandy, is here with us this morning.  Thank you for your extra effort to get her a new computer as quickly as you did.  She’s already at her desk and productive.  What’s more important, though, is that when she arrived she found her desk ready with new computer, new chair, a working phone, and everything else we could anticipate her needing.  She felt very welcome and that really got our relationship off on the right foot.  You guys were an important part of that and we appreciate your efforts."

– Doug Franz – Baltimore Distribution Company –

"Kyocera Intelligence have been very effective on the remote support side of things, to the point where they have effectively minimized the need to be physically present. Kyocera Intelligence has been a breath of fresh air.  For me, it either works or it doesn't, and they have it working!"

– Sean McGowan, Dean Lumber –

"Kyocera Intelligence have been handling everything and my hands have been out of it! This isn't my forte and I don't want to do it. Anytime we call, they take the call immediately. I'd definitely recommend them."

– Remax First Choices –

"The document management system from Kyocera Intelligence is now part of our value proposition to recruit and retain agents. It saves us money while providing us with the peace of mind of knowing that every document on every transaction is in a safe place."

– Chris Ferguson, Keller Williams Operating Partner