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What Do Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Clinics Need To Stay Up-To-Date With Technology?

Most chiropractor and physical therapy offices in the Baltimore/Washington DC Area spend a lot of money on equipment when setting up their offices. Unfortunately, they don’t do this when it comes to their information technology.

The biggest concern we see is that these clinics don’t have access to the technology they need to grow their practices. This results in administrative inefficiency and even HIPAA infractions due to data breaches because network security wasn’t addressed.

Without up-to-date standards for information technology:

  • Patient data isn’t accessible,
  • IT security is jeopardized,
  • Data backups aren’t reliable, and
  • Productivity is negatively affected.

Plus, they lack ready access to their software like ChiroTouch, Kareo, OptimisPT, Optima Therapy, TheraOffice, and others.

Lastly, due to prioritizing other expenditures over technology, chiropractic and physical therapy clinics are behind when it comes to IT systems being up to standards. This hinders them as they look to grow, to add patients and to establish additional locations.

Technology Solutions For Chiropractors & Physical Therapists

Kyocera Intelligence Can Help You Stay Up-To-Date With Technology

The technology you use has a direct effect on your day-to-day operations. The right technology can help you make money and produce the results your patients demand.

We’ll start with 3 things:

1. We’ll make sure your IT is strategically aligned with your growth plan.

Without an IT strategy that’s aligned with your goals, you can make poor buying decisions and waste money on ineffective technology. The right solutions will help you save money, improve processes and drive your success.

When you incorporate the right technology into your business operations it:

  • Increases productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.
  • Saves you money in wasted time and effort.
  • Enhances collaboration and communication.
  • Keeps you on track to achieve your goals.

All of this positively impacts your bottom line and improves your chance of success.

2. We’ll provide recommendations to upgrade failing IT equipment.

Technology upgrades are a necessity for chiropractic and physical therapy businesses to succeed today. Outdated and failing equipment pose a threat to your growth.

You may think that you can’t afford to upgrade your technology. But when you look at the potential consequences, you can’t afford not to.

There are ways that you can upgrade your technology without significant capital investment. With Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) you can upgrade your old or failing equipment for an affordable monthly fee.

3. We’ll ensure you’re protected against today’s growing cyber threats.

Protecting data requires layers of protection. The idea of layering security is simple: You can’t rely on one security mechanism such as an antivirus to protect your confidential information. If that security mechanism fails, you have nothing left to protect you.

We’re Here To Help.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our virtual CIO. He’ll review your growth plans. Then he’ll provide ideas for upgrading outdated technology, and ensure you have a plan of action for cybersecurity.

Kyocera Intelligence Supports Businesses in Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New Jersey and The Mid-Atlantic Region.