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Kyocera Intelligence Helps New Client Optimize Their Documentation Management Workflows

Despite the growing prominence of virtual workspaces, digital documentation, and paperless initiatives, hard copy documentation is still a reality of doing business — an often frustrating reality for business owners.

Documentation processes are often error-prone and time-consuming if they’re not managed properly. This is precisely why a new business got in touch with the Kyocera team recently – they were tired of managing their document workflows independently, so they searched on Google for print management, and our name came up.

Kyocera Helps Client With Their Document Management Workflows

What Does Kyocera Document Management Do For Our Clients?

Our document management services streamline workflows, boost efficiency, and delivers powerful capabilities to users. Kyocera does the following for clients like this one:

  1. Allow for a range of actions (capture, process, and distribution) to begin outside of the MFP, using common platforms like hot folders and emails as sources. This includes a new Microsoft Outlook add-on that integrates with our solutions.
  2. Allow their team to view workflows and documents, and track where they are in the process through the web-based portal, granting high-level visibility over their workflows and document resources.
  3. Allow their team to create and edit workflows to make them even better.

Our Document Management solutions are adapted to fit the client’s needs, not the other way around. That ensures that there’s no need for expensive upgrades.

Is It Time To Evolve Your Document Management Workflows?

Don’t let an inefficient document workflow slow you and your team down. Follow our latest client’s example and get in touch with the Kyocera team to find out how we can improve your document management processes.

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