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Use Help-Desk Services to Keep Technology Up and Running Drive Business Productivity

Too many companies struggle with keeping their technologies working. Internal IT staff scramble to fix underlying hardware and software issues and ensure that wireless and wired networks stay up.

Employees are forced to wait to get their technical issues resolved. Your business runs the risk of not having the most up-to-date versions of programs, creating security exposure. In the meantime, there’s a loss of productivity and efficiency as work stalls.

For help desk services, Maryland companies should find a trusted, reliable IT partner with experience in providing support. Help desk professionals can resolve problems quickly and, in most cases, remotely, meaning your employees can remain active.

Help Desk Services In Maryland

What Are Help-Desk Services?

When your company uses outsourced help-desk services, your employees have prompt access to support when there are problems with hardware, software, or networks. In most cases, help-desk services can diagnose and resolve issues remotely.

When employees have a technology issue, they can issue a ticket via email, web interface, or a phone call. A ticketing system logs the request, and an employee assesses the problem before assigning it to a technician best able to resolve the issue.

How Are Help Desk Services Better than Internal Support Services?

The system has considerable benefits over internal help desks. Here are a few of the significant advantages:

  • Lower Costs. With an outsourced help desk, your company can reduce the demands on internal IT staff, allowing them to focus on more important and profitable work. External help desks mean less downtime and more productivity. Your business also saves on the space and technologies needed for an internal help desk. Look for an IT partner that provides fixed-cost pricing, meaning you’re not paying for every support call, but, instead, have a predictable monthly expense.
  • Rapid Response. When your desktop computer isn’t working, or the company network is down, your productivity slows dramatically. If there are widespread issues, an internal IT team can quickly become overwhelmed. Outsourcing your help desk means having access to advanced technology that allows for fast identification of an issue and resolution of the problem. Whether it’s an issue that affects one user or all users, your outsourced help-desk staff can diagnose and treat the issue to minimize downtime
  • Administrative Relief. In addition to the considerable cost savings your business realizes with outsourcing your help desk, your company also eliminates the administrative work necessary to manage a team. Your IT services partner screens, hires, trains, schedules and manages the help-desk team on your behalf
  • Increased Support Availability. Work doesn’t just happen from 9 to 5. Your business needs a reliable help-desk solution that can help users whenever the need arises. For employees and your customers, getting problems resolved before or after traditional work hours is a must.
  • Technical Expertise. Software companies frequently update their applications. Updates constantly happen to software programs. You need help=desk services that know the applications and equipment that run them. For cloud-based programs, many upgrades and updates download automatically. This capability means you can access new functionality quickly, without having to wait for manual upgrade processes. Entrust your help desk to professionals who stay attuned to changes and know the software your business relies on

What Should We Ask Potential Outsourced Help Desk Partners?

When considering potential IT partners for your help desk, be sure to ask the following:

  • What are your customer satisfaction statistics?
  • What is the average response time?
  • How big is the help-desk team?
  • What percentage of help-desk tickets are resolved remotely?
  • What is the ticket escalation process?
  • What is the volume of help-desk requests already managed?
  • What credentials do the help-desk team have?

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