Protecting your Business
in 2020: Combating Cybercrime
and Planning for a Breach

The more successful your company, the more it may attract the attention of dishonest people — whether employees, associates or outsiders.

Technology, social media and transactions over the Internet play key roles in how most organizations conduct business and reach out to prospective customers today. Those vehicles also serve as gateways to cyberattacks. Whether launched by run-of-the-mill hackers, criminals, insiders or even nation states, cyberattacks are likely to occur and can cause moderate to severe losses for organizations large and small. As part of a risk management plan, organizations routinely must decide which risks to avoid, accept, control or transfer. Transferring risk is what we will discuss in this interactive webinar.

Global cybersecurity spending is expected to reach 133.7 billion by 2021 – are you planning your cybersecurity investments carefully?

Kyocera Intelligence, Travelers Insurance, and WSMT Insurance want to help…

Cybersecurity Webinar

Tuesday, January 21st, 8:30 - 9:30 AM EST

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In today's competitive environment, businesses must rely on technology in order to compete and survive in the marketplace – all of which must be secure. There are a number of reasons why IT security should be top of mind going into 2020:

In this webinar, we’ll cover cybersecurity best practices, show you how to identify common cybercrime tactics, recommend the best cybersecurity technologies, and answer any other questions you may have.