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What Is High-Level IT?
Before any person takes on the role of President; they must swear an oath to, faithfully execute the office. Like our leaders, High-Level IT Professionals, accurately perform their duties to protect their clients, just like the ones in Washington, DC. From their position, IT protection is on the same level as National Security. And they also have an industry oath, “Prevent A Threat, Save A System!”
Besides the intense level of commitment, there is a fundamental three-cord dynamic in place. A High-Level IT firm will follow this dynamic; only to make the smartest and most informed technology decision for any business, medical practice, organization, or government entity.
Their three-cord dynamic consists of:

  • Process
  • People
  • Metrics-Driven Results

Without this tri-cord direction, an Information Technology company is left to fish around. Instead of a well thought out plan of approach, they are forced to figure out, what’s causing the problem or issue. Once that is accomplished, now they have to try to come up with a long-term solution.
What Is The Process?
Before an IT firm can consider hiring personnel, a sound and deliberate process must be planned, instituted, and initiated first. The Process must follow four distinct guidelines:
#1. The Bigger Picture – It must identify your current technology issues, along with many opportunities. Then institute a step-by-step plan to address risks and maximize possibilities.
#2. Detailed and Meticulous Onboarding – The IT company assigns their resources up front, so you don’t have to distribute yours. They will use the “Simple to Switch” onboarding process. A process that makes it easy, for a company to switch between MSP providers as needed.
#3. Benchmark Technology For Best Practice Standards – An approach for continual standards alignment and updating. The Benchmarking process helps to identify risks and pitfalls adversely affecting the business.
#4. Design a Client Specific Roadmap/Plan For The Business – Design a multi-year plan aligning the business planning cycle. The method also supports the business and technology initiatives. The detailed roadmap design comes from the hard data gathered from the benchmarking process.
What Type Of Personnel Will You Come In Contact With From a High-Level IT Firm?
Once the Process is in place, it’s time to consider what type of personnel would join the team. Across the United States, there are many types of IT technicians. Like in every industry, there are good, better, and best IT professionals.
To be considered for any High-Level position, like at Kyocera Intelligence or other top-level IT companies, you must bring your very best.
The candidate must be ready to:

  • be a life-long student of the industry
  • seek continuous education and certifications
  • stay current and updated on information technology
  • continuously sharpen their IT knowledge and skill sets
  • understand the relevance and importance of each industry’s compliance and regulations

As you study this list, ask yourself, would you want a good technician touching your IT system or a top-tier individual who passes rigorous evaluations and onboard training so that they will make the correct critical decisions under pressure; when you need it now?
What Do Metrics-Driven Results Reveal?
The final part focuses on Metrics-Driven Results. In business, there are patterns, and chronic issues found when a benchmarking process begins. The High-Level IT Firm does not rely on gut reactions or what they think might be the problem or issue.
If metrics-driven results showed an ordinary, everyday practice among employees, it would allow the IT technician to grade or score based on the results found. For instances, after interviewing a large number of the staff at a medical practice, a result uncovered, anyone with a mobile phone, personal or company issued, could log into the company’s system to check their emails, without supervision or detection.
So, here’s the quick and straightforward pattern example. If 1 + 1 = 2, then 1) the employee with personal or company-issued mobile phone, + 1) opens unknown email while logged into the practice’s system, the results could = 2) a ransomware attack. So, the metrics-driven results show it is time to retrain employees on proper mobile device use, while logged into the medical practice’s IT system.
What About The Business Expansion?
It’s one thing to be down in Baltimore assisting clients in Washington DC. But with more clients coming onboard in DC it was time to open another location in their area, for their convenience.
To be more specific, Kyocera Intelligence’ DC Metro area office is at 1025 Connecticut Avenue Suite 1000 Washington DC 20036. Their phone number is 202-464-3291. And yes, they are three blocks from the President’s residence, the White House.
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