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A look at what a vCIO can do for your business.

When it comes to running a business, many turn to vCIOs for support for many different reasons. Since many are unaware of how cost effective vCIOs can be for their business, we’re going to shed some light as to what they do, how they operate, and some of the many perks they offer for businesses. With this being said, here’s a look at vCIOs.

What Is A vCIO?

A vCIO is basically a company or contractor serving as CIO (chief information officer) for an organization, but virtual. vCIOs can still advise client IT departments, collaborate, and work as a conventional CIO without having to be physically present. A vCIO tackles the same CIO duties such as:

  • Facilitating technology changes
  • Reworking/analyzing business processes
  • Planning your IT budget
  • Formulating strategic IT goals

In addition to what’s listed above, a vCIO can help customers maintain the established IT infrastructure and search for future-forward services at the same time. For example, vCIOs can plan a technology roadmap with customers and pinpoint opportunities to utilize new tech tools that become available on the market. In some instances, clients will grant wider tech deployment responsibilities and decision-making authority to their vCIO if they have a limited IT staff (or lack an IT department entirely). Since vCIOs focus on IT alignment and business, they can present a broader view of their client when it comes to how they operate and how they will be able to operate in the future.

CIO Services

Why SMBs Turn To vCIOs

vCIOs are very popular among medium- and small-sized businesses since many are not able to afford a CIO’s compensation. The reason for this is due to the fact that vCIOs are able to provide financial advantages in many ways (which mainly depends on the pricing of their service). Some vCIOs offer their service as an hourly rate, which essentially means that they can be hired on demand or whenever they are needed. Paying a vCIO per hour is infinitely less costly than paying a CIO full time (which would include salary and benefits).

Considering the information above, a vCIO may be exactly what your business needs. Thankfully, Kyocera Intelligence is the trusted choice when it comes to staying ahead of the latest information technology tips, tricks, and news. Contact us at (800) 875-8843 or send us an email at itsolutions@kimidatlantic.com for more information