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Your business needs more than just computer support. Let’s flashback to just five short years ago. Would you have thought almost every person on the planet would be carrying a computer in their pocket? These are not phones anymore, they are computers and they give us access to important information – QUICKLY! This is just going to keep getting faster. Let’s move to today. The Internet of Things is here. We can connect with our business and our people quickly, whenever and wherever we want to. Access to our client files, delivery schedules, business statements, and line of business applications is quicker and more efficient. In our homes, we can control our TVs, lights, alarm systems, etc. directly from our smartphones even if we are not home. So with this ever-evolving technology, why do business still just look for a technical resource that has little to no real world business experience? Or continue to bounce from one computer company to another thinking the next company they hire will be any better? We all know this story. Over the course of the last ten years, most companies have either hired an IT engineer or outsource to a company in order to have a resource to maintain and upgrade their computer equipment. However, technology is evolving faster than ever, and the future of technology is happening every day. The way we do business today will be much different in the next two years. It is vital for small businesses to not only look for a resource that can handle the support aspect, but also offers true IT direction, strategy, planning, and consulting in order to be competitive in today’s business world. Technology strategy meetings need to take place as often as you meet with your executive teams. It needs to be part of your business planning process. Oh, and it can’t be a discussion on “our technology is getting old, let’s buy new stuff!” I hear about so many outside IT companies that just provide this. Where’s the benefit in that? Your IT goals should align with your business goals. An understanding of your ROI needs to be front and center when discussing IT strategy and how it will help your business compete and excel in today’s and tomorrow’s economy. So, what do you do? First, watch this video: Is your IT manager or outside IT company doing this? Next, I ask you to contact me by phone, 800-875-8843 x1122 or email, ITsolutions@osisIT.com. Let’s discuss your business plans, growth plans, and operations. You have spent a lot of time growing your business. If you don’t have an IT partnership that helps you implement technology as part of your growth plan, your business will begin to slow or retract in growth as a best-case scenario. Having an IT partnership with somebody that can have a business conversation with you is more important than ever.]]>