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Your IT Company Should Help Stop Your Technology From Slowing You Down

If your IT — or your IT support – is keeping you from getting your work done, then you need to do something about it. In the modern business world, productivity is highly dependent on how well-maintained technology is. If you’re waiting on a slow internet connection, or a faulty computer, that’s time you’re losing and won’t get back.

If your IT support can’t handle the problem, then you need to consider other options. The fact is that not all IT support models are the same, which is why it’s crucial that you weigh your options.

Case in point – is your IT support reactive or proactive?


Is Your IT Support Reactive?

Call it whatever you like, but it’s essentially “hourly IT support”. This is the traditional style of outsourced IT services, which works by fixing your computers once they’re broken.

In a nutshell, when something goes wrong — data loss, hardware failure, virus, etc. — you then get in touch with your support provider and have them fix it.

This strategy no longer works today. If you still use this method of IT service, you risk downtime that can slow you down.

Disadvantages include:

  • Impermanent Solutions
    When they’re charging by the hour, they’re encouraged to focus on billable hours. It doesn’t benefit them if your tech is working the way it should. You could find yourself repeatedly calling them to help with a problem that never quite gets resolved.
  • Rapid Escalation
    A minor computer problem can quickly turn into a disaster. This is especially true today with the increase in cybercrime like ransomware. What starts out with just one malicious email can spread throughout your entire network, locking down your data, and your operations.
  • Further Delays
    It could take days to fix your problem – in the meantime, your employees won’t have access to the data they need to continue working. You’re simply “bleeding money” by the minute.
  • Cost Of Downtime
    Your support provider starts charging you after you’ve already lost work time – time spent on repairs or updates can add up fast.
  • Inaccurate Budgeting
    It’s impossible to predict how much to budget for IT services. You can’t know what will happen or how expensive it might be.

Shouldn’t Your IT Support Be Proactive?

Proactive IT support monitors and maintains your IT on an ongoing basis. Operationally, proactive monitoring provides a view into the health and status of IT assets. Like air traffic controllers, your IT company uses monitoring tools to see network traffic and plan actions to avoid potential problems. They can act proactively while using the tools to benchmark performance.

From active monitoring and patch management to responsive on-site and Help Desk support services, fully managed support takes care of everything you need.

Benefits include:

  • Freedom Of Focus
    You can finally focus on running your firm and not on IT worries. Your IT support provider will minimize or eliminate downtime that could hit your bottom line.
  • Easy Budgeting
    You’ll benefit from a flat-rate payment model, allowing you to budget your tech more effectively. You’ll be able to plan for growth far more easily and with greater peace of mind.
  • Cost-Effect
    Tech maintenance from a third party is more cost-effective than relying on reactive solutions, especially when you consider the lost revenue from downtime.

With proactive IT support services, the burden of technology is removed from your shoulders. That means you don’t have to sit around worrying if an issue will pop up and derail your productivity. With a managed services provider, you benefit from knowing that challenges are not only acknowledged and resolved quickly but are also proactively accounted for to minimize potential disruption.

Any worthwhile IT company should be able to prevent your IT problems from happening or at least address them the minute they occur. Outdated IT support models are based around reactive service, wherein a problem is only addressed after-the-fact, which still results in costly downtime and other expenditures for repair and replacement.

With the right configuration and contingency planning, your business can be prepared for a range of issues before they happen, which keeps your system downtime to a minimum.

Do You Need A Better Form Of IT Support?

Why bother putting up with reactive IT support? Proactive IT support is out there – all you have to do is find a local IT support company that can deliver.

Kyocera Intelligence is proud to offer truly effective IT support services that proactively prevent issues. If you’re interested in seeing what that quality of support can do for you, get in touch with us to learn more.

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