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Technology Partners Firemen or Detectives?

Which sounds more efficient: planning ahead to create a solid infrastructure or scrambling to solve problems after they happen? Your approach to IT can make a difference.  

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The technology support industry has a major problem, and it’s one that not all IT consultants take the time to address with their clients. Less than a decade ago, cybersecurity was a much more simplistic conversation: it’s pretty obvious when your business is attacked, and we will need to “be firemen” and take quick measures to combat the threats. Today, the threat landscape has evolved dramatically, and technology professionals are forced into more complex scenarios where they are more of an inspector looking for clues to determine whether or not a breach or attack has occurred. This changing paradigm requires a greater investment of time from technology professionals, as well as a greater level of knowledge than ever before. With hundreds of thousands of unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the US, businesses turn their focus to finding external assistance with the growing cybersecurity problem.

Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals is Putting Your Business at Risk

The Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Will Carter notes “There are at least hundreds of thousands, if not over a million, unfilled cyber jobs in the United States”. Each of these empty positions is a potential incident waiting to happen, as businesses are under-prepared for the ongoing onslaught. While the large data breaches are often the ones that make the evening news, it’s the multitude of smaller attacks that are bringing American businesses to their knees.

Creating a Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

As IT managed services providers work with their clients to put advanced cybersecurity tools in place, the monitoring that happens on an ongoing basis is often what helps identify a data breach or other intrusion. Advanced technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence are certainly a move in the right direction, but they are no replacement for well-trained, dedicated professionals that are actively reviewing systems signals for abnormalities. Where these new technology solutions can help is by identifying questionable activities and taking proactive actions to protect sensitive business systems.

Keeping your business operations moving swiftly and efficiently requires forethought and planning — not a mad scramble to put out fires after problems have already occurred. See how the experts at Kyocera Intelligence Mid-Atlantic focus on the future by creating a secure, problem-free infrastructure for your business. Contact us today at 800-875-8843 or fill out our easy form online to request a free initial consultation for your business. A proactive approach to IT services allows your team to see consistent gains in productivity, ultimately resulting in smooth operations and a better experience for your customers.