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Data threats do not discriminate.

Whether you’re a small company in the suburbs of Baltimore or Philadelphia, or in the district in Washington, DC, business of all sizes are susceptible to attacks. With data breaches, hacking, and ransomware attacks on the rise, here are 3 ways you can fight cybercrime and protect your business.
  1. Offer Cybersecurity training for employees.
The lack of cybersecurity awareness amongst employees is a leading cause of a successful ransomware attack, but unfortunately few companies provide training. As a managed IT service provider, this is one of the offerings we provide our clients. At the root of most ransomware attacks is social engineering which involves manipulating a person to gain access to private information and access to company/client data. Employees should know how to spot a malicious email and not provide proprietary passwords and information via email or any other way than over the phone or in person.
  1. Layered security
One single fact that everybody knows, there is no single product or “silver bullet” available today that will solve all cybersecurity problems. It takes many technologies and processes to provide comprehensive risk and security management. Layered security is the only way- firewalls, virus protection, malware/ransomware protection, cloud security, and web filters all play roles.
  1. Business Continuity, backup, and recovery is vital
As discussed before there is no “silver bullet”. Having a solution in place that if your data and/or systems are hijacked, that you can restore and recover from the point prior to the attack is vital. Also having a backup/business continuity solution in place that can detect a ransomware attack is vital. When it comes to this solution and having the right solution in place, the benefits are three-fold: you will never be held hostage to ransomware criminals, you will avoid data loss, and your business will not experience significant downtown and loss of reputation with your clients. If you do not have an IT partner that is consulting and providing your business these solutions, then please reach out to us. We implement most of these solutions as part of our ongoing IT management and have monthly conversations with the executive team of our clients on strategizing proactive solutions to better protect them and allow their business to grow. Please contact us at ITsolutions@osisIT.com, call us 800-875-8863, and visit us at https://www.kimidatlantic.com/network-security/.]]>