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Are your hiring decisions being made from a position of strength — or from a posture of desperation? When you’re not continually focused on hiring the right people, you run the risk of costing your organization thousands of dollars on an annual basis. There is no limit to the devastation that can be caused by a poor hire: from customers who never return, to ruined partnerships with vendors and lost productivity. That doesn’t even account for the direct costs of background checks and paying a salary and benefits that don’t result in a return on your investment! See how top recruiters go about uncovering hidden talents to create a winning team.
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Technical Skills are Important . . .

You can almost hear the lingering ” . . . but . . .” at the end of that sentence. It’s true, there are positions where the technical skills and abilities are where candidates really need to shine. These positions may require specific skills or educational backgrounds that simply can’t be found in an ordinary candidate. However, the vast majority of positions allow you a little leeway for training on the technical side for someone who’s a great fit for your business.
For instance, when you’re looking for a technology management company in Baltimore, you want to be sure that you’re hiring individuals who have a broad spectrum of experience to support your business. You may find that it’s easier to hire these hard skills in short bursts when you need them and bring on a more multi-faceted individual to your team full-time.

Attitude and Characteristics are Critical

Finding someone whose attitude and characteristics will enhance the makeup of your team may feel like you’re looking for a unicorn. It’s true that you’re unlikely to find that ideal candidate with a simple post on a job search site. You’re much more likely to hit it off with someone at a networking mixer and keep them in mind for future positions. Good recruiters know that it’s crucial to maintain a steady stream of candidates in mind for positions that will happen in the future. Once a potential fit has captured your eye, use assessments, pre-screening, and a structured interview process to confirm that their attitude and softer skills are a fit for your teams.
Similar to your computing and technology services in Baltimore, you can outsource much of the hard work of ongoing recruiting to a professional recruiter. That doesn’t let your leadership off the hook for finding top talent, however! When you’re always on the lookout for your next superstar, you’re likely to find them in the most unusual corners. As Steve Jobs is famous for saying: “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do”. When you have smart people on board and the right systems in place to get them onboard and being productive, you’re investing in a winning combination.