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When a large and busy company is paired with an external IT management company the relationship between the company and the vendor should be a functional partnership not conflictive or antagonistic. Unfortunately for a long-established and successful supplier in South Maryland, this was not always the case.

As this thriving company continued to grow, a need for more focused and formal IT management was required. The company had long been relying on in-house, tech-savvy professionals to handle IT issues but company growth and evolving technologies prompted an outsourcing of IT management services.

While the goal was to find an IT services provider to act as a leader for this company, the initially forged relationship soon became soured by ineffective service and significant over billing. Communication was poor and a break-and-fix cycle began where IT problems seemed to be stacking up persistently and remaining unsolved. CFO Sean McGowan explains how they began having an almost “adversarial relationship with the company who was deporting IT services, which was not a good thing.”

The Situation: A need for a no-nonsense approach to IT management through a service provider who acts as a functional leader.

For this reputable and prosperous South Maryland company, McGowan claims vendor relationships are incredibly important and “can be measured in terms of decades as opposed to months.” Therefore the decision to change IT service providers was not made lightly. The adversarial nature of the relationship had gotten increasingly dysfunctional however and a switch in service providers had to be made in order to ensure sustainably productivity.

Kyocera Intelligence’ division of printer services had already been employed to complete a thorough evaluation of the company’s printing habits and machines and had established an improved way of doing things. The implementation of their suggestions was seamless and this was immediately impressive to the client. When McGowan was made aware that One Source also offered IT management services, the decision was easy. “One Source wasn’t a hard choice,” McGowan claims, “I already knew these people were good.” McGowan also happened to have had worked with two of One Source’s technical experts in the past and had the utmost respect for both of them which solidified the decision even further.

The Solution: Partnering with Kyocera Intelligence to sustain productivity with a down-to-earth approach

“As a company, we were at a crossroads.” McGowan explains. They needed meaningful and productive IT leadership through a provider who could effectively implement enduring solutions. One Source came on scene with a new and more functional methodology and offered this McGowan and his team:

  • A digestible and deconstructed approach to IT management – One Source offers upfront and easily absorbable information to busy professionals like McGowan who don’t have the time to be focused on the highly technical issues. One Source was able to offer McGowan and his staff both the utmost in IT expertise while also modifying that technical expertise into comprehendible facets of timeframe, structure and cost. This made it possible for McGowan and the rest of the staff to stay focused on business objectives. “I just need to know that computers and systems work,” McGowan emphasizes, “I don’t need to know about the bits and bytes.”
  • Level-headed and logical strategies – Their experts make careful and logical evaluations, keep staff informed and when they resolve issues, the issues stay resolved. This is especially impressive considering the mountain of resonating IT issues that had been left behind by the previous IT service provider. McGowan and his team were astounded by the improvement. “Literally, overnight it changed. One Source handles everything and fixes problems quickly. They’ve really created a flawless IT environment.”
  • Comprehensive support provided remotely – One Source made it their business to become knowledgeable about the client’s system. McGowan explains that One Source efficiently and effectively isolated relevant priorities to get things moving. “One Source have been very effective on the remote support side of things, to the point where they have effectively minimized the need to be physically present.” Once the necessary upgrades, replacements and repairs were taken care of One Source had enhanced their ability to be wholly supportive from a remote location.

Overall, McGowan claims IT Management from Kyocera Intelligence has been “a breath of fresh air”. After struggling to surmount IT issues with their previous provider, he sums it up simply: “For me, it either works or it doesn’t work, and right now it’s working.”

If your business is struggling to connect with your current IT service provider and you’re looking for a more effective and business-minded approach, get in touch with One Source Imagining Solutions. Whether you’re experiencing specific issues or are just looking for well-rounded IT management and support, the experts at One Source can implement functional solutions to meet your needs. Reach an expert at today at (800) 875-8843 or itsolutions@kimidatlantic.com.