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If you want to compete in today’s technology-driven environment, you need up-to-date software solutions. For chiropractors and physical therapists, this includes practice management software. But it can be difficult when trying to decide which one to choose.
We’ve highlight two here. We’ll provide more information on each in detail in articles to come.
Have You Considered ChiroTouch or Kareo?
ChiroTouch EHR Software was developed specifically for today’s busy chiropractic practices. It’s a complete practice management platform that integrates documentation, billing, patient communication and more.  You only need to enter data once, and it’s recorded where it should be throughout the program.
ChiroTouch features iPad apps, rapid documentation, built-in compliance and efficient billing. It’s right for practices of any size and provides pricing that will meet your unique needs.  ChiroTouch has a solution to fit any need or budget.
Over 21,000 DCs have chosen ChiroTouch to automate their operations, improve patient care and increase their profitability.
Kareo is an all-in-one platform built to enable success for physical therapists.  It provides physical therapy practices with an easy to use platform to manage clinical, billing and marketing needs.
As a full-featured EHR software program, it was designed by doctors to work as a “plug-and-play” solution, so it seamlessly fits the way you work. This means once it’s installed you can be up and running as soon as possible.
It provides a superior end-to-end patient experience, from helping you get found online, to providing care reminders for your patients. The result is better healthcare delivery, increased and faster patient collections and happier, healthier patients.
Kareo is trusted by more than 40,000 providers. It’s designed to help you get paid faster with the help of their billing experts. They take complex, complicated billing issues off your plate to give you greater peace of mind and more time for your patients.
The list of positives and raving reviews for ChiroTouch and Kareo goes on and on. As mentioned above, we’ll go more in-depth on each of these popular platforms in upcoming articles.
In the meantime, as a trusted IT consultant for chiropractors, we can help you ask the right questions and find the right software and IT solutions that work best for your practice. For more information about using ChiroTouch, Kareo or other types of software, contact Kyocera Intelligence in Baltimore, Maryland or Washington DC.
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