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Who Can Answer the Increasing Need for Reliable Business IT Services for Small Businesses? This is a good question to start your search for more competent and ably-equipped IT management. The next question might be, “Who can I trust to handle my business IT support while I get back to my day-to-day business?” We can, in fact, answer many of the “routine” questions business execs ask when seeking more reliable business IT services for small businesses in Baltimore and DC Metro – and, we invite you to ask us anything related to this question.

Where Can I Find a Trusted IT Services Company for My Small Business?

It’s a question posed to many IT professionals these days, though only truly answerable by a select portion of the IT services industry.  We answer it not only by saying, “Right here in Baltimore and DC,” but, more importantly, we answer it with actionable strategies, insights, and maneuvers that display our seasoned expertise and client-focused abilities. Another one many of our potential clients ask us is, “What does top-level business IT services for small businesses consist of?” It’s a question that drives us to make sure we’re hitting on all cylinders, and that we’re up on the latest trends and developments in information technology. Keeping to high technology consulting standards has helped our IT support enterprise grow with each satisfied client and job well done. Each OSISIT team member’s know-how reinforces our collective standards of excellence and quality and helps us implement our client-focused strategies within our business IT services for small businesses with a greater readiness. For us, each client is an opportunity to roll up our sleeves and bring out our best tools in terms of IT consulting, management, and solution-oriented services. Anything less than our best simply won’t do in today’s competitive IT arena, so we have to bring our A-game each time we answer the call for experienced, knowledgeable IT professionals. Highly-qualified professionals who understand things like a cyber threat and data breach prevention, multi-layered security, server monitoring and optimization, IT infrastructure development, compliance readiness, and much more.

Why Do Small Businesses Need the Best IT Management Around?

Big companies almost always have IT departments that help them select technology, install, integrate and maintain it, train employees, provide desktop support and fix systems that break – and they are enjoying a distinct advantage because of it.
Using an outsourced IT services company, or managed service provider (MSP) like One Source that delivers some or all services remotely, will help to mitigate your IT management costs.
Small business owners like you, on the other hand, don’t tend to have an IT department. So how do you expect to manage all the technology challenges faced by your company? In too many cases, the consequences of “going along to get along” where IT management is concerned aren’t good. Because of this, small businesses can (and should) adopt more effective approaches to IT management, and there are even more very compelling reasons why they should. Hiring full-time business IT services for small businesses is a solution many small outfits are arriving at, and it may be a more reasonable and affordable strategy than many small business owners may think.

The Financial Risk of Poor IT Management

Maintenance and support of essential systems is just one part of IT management, and it’s where the impact of poor performance is easiest to see. “When a server or network goes down, and it’s not if, it’s when, you’ll be losing time and money and productivity,” said analyst and consultant Laurie McCabe, a partner with the SMB Group. “People can’t do their jobs; they can’t enter or take orders, for example. The cost of not performing well in this area is going to show up on the bottom line.” For some businesses, such as small law firms where attorneys charge high hourly rates, costs can mount quickly if employees are unable to access information or systems they need to do their jobs. But it’s not just loss of access. Neglecting software patches or anti-virus updates – important parts of system maintenance – can result in costly malware infections. If you lose private customer data to hackers, for example, you’ll likely lose customers. “These kinds of situations can be absolutely catastrophic for a small business,” said Darin Stahl, a research lead at analyst firm Info-Tech Research Group Inc. back in 2010. Heading into 2018 and a minefield of IT uncertainties, you literally can’t afford to go without professional IT management services guiding you.

Strategic Business IT Services: A Small Venture’s Best Friend

While the bare essentials of keeping computer systems healthy and humming are most crucial for small businesses, it’s not the whole picture. Who decides which technology you use? What if you miss a key tech upgrade and receive a data breach as a result? A major concern answered in a recent Data Breach Study conducted by the Ponemon Institute was that incident response reduces the cost of a data breach, the total average “consolidated” cost of which is $3.62 million, a decrease of 10 percent over last year, though a formidable number still. An outsourced business IT services company can ensure you’re using the latest and best technology – that you can afford, as well. This requires knowledge, expertise and a commitment of time and resources. In your company, who decides when you should upgrade essential infrastructures such as network equipment, servers, and PCs? How about good CRM software and the IT oversight to go with it? Small businesses need someone to analyze these issues and make recommendations or decisions. They simply need qualified business IT services for small businesses to ensure the life of their company.

Will Your Outsourced IT Services Really Beat My In-House IT Help?

This is a question currently being asked by many small and mid-sized businesses who are trying more to justify the expenditure than coming from a true comparison of what having outsourced computer consulting does for businesses. The evidence stands against relying solely on one or two in-house IT staffers who, all too often get overwhelmed by their daily vendor management tasks, compromising a small business’s overall IT defenses and productivity. The advice of most long-time IT experts is to outsource your IT help and do it locally – don’t choose a company that’s outside of your community. There are only two viable solutions to dealing with your company’s tech support needs:
  1. You can hire an IT expert in-house and make the salary expenditure.
  2. You can hire an IT support company like ours to do the tedious work for an affordable monthly fee, leaving your in-house staffers to more proprietary tasks. This option is increasingly popular among small outfits solving their IT woes with cost-effective business IT managed services.

Ready for the Reliable Business IT Services Your Company Needs?

If so, then let One Source give you the small business tech support your company needs. Just give one of our helpful business IT services pros a call at (800) 875-8843 or email us at itsolutions@osisit.com for more information on how to get the business IT services for small businesses in Baltimore MD you need to maintain optimum network security and your best “business growth vector”!]]>