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Have you been speaking with your IT company in Baltimore about the end of support for Windows Small Business Server 2003?

Small Business Server 2003 Migration Plan

It’s their job to keep you informed, so if they’re not, you may need to seek new support. Microsoft will be discontinuing its Windows Server 2003 in just a few short months, and your small business needs to be prepared for the upgrade. If you still aren’t aware of the risks you’re facing then you need to start talking to an IT company that will fill you in right away. Time is Running Out
  • You need to be sure you have the right plan in place to complete the changeover successfully, because it involves moving all of your existing workload. Microsoft is set to end support for Windows Small Business Server 2003 on July 14, 2015 – there’s no time left to lose.
  • Figuring out a plan for the changeover will be dependent on your unique IT environment. That’s why you need to start preparing as soon as possible – and with a reliable IT team to help with the transition.
You’ll Be Putting Your System at Risk
  • New hardware and software that are released after support for Windows Small Business Sever 2003 ends won’t be compatible with the retired sever. Your business will be stuck with old, outdated technology and unable to leverage the benefits of new upgrades.
  • Your system relies on fixes for existing bugs and security patches for any vulnerabilities – those will stop being applied after end of support, and your system will be left exposed. New threats are always emerging and your network won’t be properly equipped to handle them once support for this server ends.
  • Unlike many tech companies, we pay attention to the unique compliance standards of your industry. Depending on your business, you could be failing to meet your industry requirements once support for Windows Small Business Server 2003 ends. This will lead to not only financial penalties but also lost business from current or potential customers.

To get in contact with a company in Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia & Mid-Atlantic Region that can help get your small business prepared for the switch, contact Kyocera Intelligence at itsolutions@kimidatlantic.com or by phone at (800) 875-8843.