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Why Sign Companies Need a Trusted Outsourced IT Company

There are several main challenges involved in how and why sign companies need to keep their customer data safe. Factors related to data storage, retention of sales information, software, and the sharing of large files with customers are all challenges, and underline the need for a trusted outsourced IT company in Baltimore and the Mid-Atlantic Region that can help sign companies optimize their data storage and management.
Establishing Secure Data Storage
Data storage management is becoming increasingly under more scrutiny, as regulatory compliance rules tighten and data thieves get ever-more brazen in their attempts to make careers out of online thievery. It all adds up to an equation that forces the hand of business owners – like sign companies – to err on the side of caution.
But, that caution demands those who are well-versed in data management technology, data backup and recovery, and IT support, like OSISIT. Things like long-time storage of customer files, graphics, etc. can pose a problem that only grows with time.
Here are 5 tips from data management experts to help you focus your data requirements:

  1. Know your data storage needs. “All data is not created equal — and understanding the business value of data is critical for defining the storage strategy,” says Souvik Choudhury of SunGard Availability Services. So, when formulating your data storage management policy, ask the following questions:
  • How soon do I need the data back if lost?
  • How fast do I need to access the data?
  • How long do I need to retain data?
  • How secure does it need to be?
  • What regulatory requirements need to be adhered to?
  1. Don’t neglect unstructured data. “Think about how you might want to combine multi-structured data from your transactional systems with semi-structured or unstructured data from your email servers, network file systems, etc.,” says Aaron Rosenbaum, director of Product Management, MarkLogic. “Make sure that the data management platform you choose will let you combine all these types without months or years of data modeling effort.”
  2. Understand your compliance needs. “If you are a publicly traded company or operating within a highly regulated industry such as financial services or healthcare, the bar has been set high for compliance and security,” says Jay Atkinson, CEO of cloud hosting provider AIS Network.

“If you choose to outsource your data storage and management, ensure that your managed services provider has the credentials needed to provide a highly secure, compliant environment. Failure to operate in total compliance may lead to severe penalties later,” says Atkinson.

  1. Establish a data retention policy. “Setting the right data retention policies is a necessity for both internal data governance and legal compliance,” says Chris Grossman, senior vice president, Enterprise Applications, Rand Worldwide and Rand Secure Archive. “Some of your data must be retained for many years, while other data may only be needed for days.”

“When setting up processes, identify the organization’s most important data and prioritize storage management resources appropriately,” says another data management expert. “For example, email may be a company’s top priority, but storing and archiving email data for one particular group, say the executives, may be more critical than other groups,” he says. “Make sure these priorities are set so data management resources can be focused on the most important tasks.”

  1. Find a solution that fits your data, not vice versa. “Many think the only choice to make is whether they need DAS, a SAN or a NAS,” says Olivier Thierry, chief marketing officer at Pivot3, the provider of converged, highly available shared storage and virtual server appliances. “These are important choices, but they are insufficient,” he continues.

Similarly, Jesse Lipson, founder of ShareFile and VP & GM of Data Sharing at Citrix says to “look for a solution that provides the flexibility to choose where data is stored: on premise and/or in the cloud.”
And, if like many businesses these days you have a mobile workforce, the data management and storage solution you choose “should be optimized for mobile and virtual platforms, in addition to desktops and laptops — and provide a consistent experience across any platform, including mobile editing capabilities and intuitive experience across mobile devices, virtual desktops or desktops.”
(Source: CIO.com)
Why Outsourced IT Professionals Are the Answer
Outsourced IT services offer sign companies and other clients the widest coverage and economy on IT maintenance and monitoring, and does it all with timely support and fixed billing. For sign companies (and other industries), IT management services in Baltimore MD and Washington DC must be especially agile and reliable.
Here are some facts that back-up the need for data protection and management systems for sign companies:

  1. Software used can cumbersome and the need for vendor management is critical.
  2. Sharing of large files with customers can be challenging, so the need for a reliable file sharing platform is important.
  3. Our customized cloud solutions and network security solutions protect the retention of sales information, automation, and sales activities.

And, with competent outsourced IT management services overseeing your sign company’s data storage requirements, you save time as well as money, so its arguable that not having an outsourced IT provider is kind of like not having an accounting or sales department – in other words, it’s essential.
Related Fact: 75 percent of those companies polled in an ActualTech Media survey rated themselves as having “fair or poor” readiness in case of security breach.
And, those companies without adequate business outsourcing services aren’t just facing a computer here or there with compromised data – they’re looking at serious compliance violations and bad PR from just one data breach.
OSISIT is proud to say we meet all the above criteria in a data storage and management services provider!
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