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Collaboration is key to today’s fast-paced business world. Regardless of the industry or size of your company, your staff will need to be able to share documents on nearly a daily basis. But this raises the question about security and confidentiality.
Your customers and vendors sometimes need to view a document in your database. It could be anything from a script for a video you produced to a contract. Once a customer or vendor has possession of an internal document like this, how do you control what they can do with it? That’s an important question that concerns many business owners.
Though there are some sharing solutions on the market today, they can be hard-to-manage. You may have team members who aren’t sure exactly how to share a document without giving the other person the ability to edit the document. This is true even with common document sharing services like Dropbox.
Is Security Important?
For most companies, the answer is yes. You may have an internal guide for your writers posted on a site where documents can be shared. Before you know it, this document winds up on some other company’s website. You’ve lost an essential internal doc, but you may have also lost some trade secrets. For convenience and security, wouldn’t it be great to have a file sharing tool that gives your staff optimal document security? Something that’s cloud-based so it can be used anywhere from any device?
ShareBase by Hyland is an enterprise-grade product that gives you all this and more. You can share any size document with anyone and still retain ownership and control. With ShareBase, an administrator from your company will set up and manage accounts for each entity (company, individual, department) you need to share with. They will have the ability to manage users from within your identity provider product (IdP).
Your organization always retains ownership and control of every document. If an employee leaves your company, you can easily revoke their privileges. This is an essential aspect of document sharing and something company owners often forget about.
Sharing and Setting Permissions
Administrators have full control of all documents and sharing privileges. They can create entire libraries of corporate content that only they have control over. You can set permissions where they expire after a certain period. This helps prevent unauthorized document sharing for temporary employees or contractors.
Global Data Centers
Enterprise sharing applications that are entirely secure are getting more and more difficult to find. But ShareBase addresses all these typical issues and problems that companies have experienced in the past. With data centers around the globe, your IT department can select the region and data center where your documents will be located and backed up.
Your documents are always secure and cannot be viewed by any other individual or organization. You alone hold the encryption keys. You’ll never have to worry about unauthorized access.
A Company With Enterprise Experience
With over 25 years of experience in content solutions, Hyland has been recognized as a leader in developing enterprise document sharing programs. Their enterprise information platform is known as OnBase by Hyland and it is the foundational platform for ShareBase.
ShareBase is well-known for developing public RESTful APIs that will integrate well with many applications your organization already uses or could benefit from. Their document sharing protocols can easily be added so that your company can provide both internal and external sharing and collaboration.
Users Should Be Empowered To Share So They Can Work Together Better
With all new programs, the key to their success is user adoption. Many great new apps fizzle out because employees think they’re too complex or too difficult to set up. But with ShareBase, each user’s experience can be personalized. Setting password protections is simple as well. This will help keep your documents fully secure.
ShareBase has tagging capabilities that allow you to create familiar folder structures that can be easily retrieved. As a document is shared, edited and re-saved, each new version will be available to the same groups of people. An intuitive Chat feature allows each user to leave comments as they collaborate on a document’s creation. All this activity is saved in a file that cannot be edited. That will give you a trail to follow if you need to know why a particular person made specific changes.
Once your users get set up and running with this program, they’ll be able to share documents with anyone anywhere safely. Content can be shared through Windows or a web browser. You can even share content offline from your desktop.
ShareBase is built for the way organizations do business these days. Whatever your corporate culture demands, ShareBase by Hyland can deliver.