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School administrators in the Baltimore Washington Area, Philadelphia, New Jersey and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region are now turning to outsourced IT service and support. Why?— Because it provides benefits that they can’t ignore.
With today’s technology complexities, schools can no longer depend on tech employees to handle their IT issues. To ensure that computer devices, internet access and IT networks are all operational and secure, private schools need the services of a reliable and local Outsourced IT Provider.

Outsourcing Tech Support Saves Schools Money

According to Computer Economics, outsourcing IT is the highest it’s been in five years. Why? — Because you can save money. This is good news for schools that operate under constrained budgets.
Outsourcing to a company that will continually monitor and maintain your IT system is less expensive than hiring even one IT employee. An in-house IT technician will cost your school or school district on average $70,000 a year, typically more than paying for outsourced IT services.
Plus, an outsourced IT company can provide access to services and equipment at a much lower price than a school can procure on their own. With a reliable outsourced IT company, you’ll also have a Service Level Agreement to ensure your costs will always be predictable and comply with your budget.

You’ll Have Greater Flexibility

Every summer we get frantic calls from school administrators whose internal IT professionals can’t handle their increased technology requirements. They need the ability to scale up quickly when enrollments rise.
Sometimes principals don’t receive enrollment information until the middle of summer. This is when they call us in a rush to upgrade servers, networks, firewalls, security, backup capabilities, and more.
If you contract with an outsourced IT provider, you’ll be ready for the busy times. We can offer the flexibility of scaling up if your enrollments suddenly spike or scale back your services if they fall off. You won’t be caught short if you must expand your school’s IT infrastructure quickly. And if you need to cut back, you won’t have to pay for technology services you no longer require.

You Can Focus On Your Core Responsibilities

Outsourcing to an IT provider allows you to focus on your administrative functions rather than IT worries. With tight budgets and limited resources, you’ll also have the flexibility to use only basic support services, such as help-desk services. You can add more advanced functions later as your budget allows.

You’ll Always Have The Up-to-Date IT Expertise

When outsourcing IT, you benefit from the expertise of a team of professionals rather than just one or two in-house IT employees. IT professionals who work for an outsourced provider are continually trained and certified on the latest technologies.
If you outsource, you won’t have to worry if the school system provided the education that your IT employee should have to stay on top of ever-changing technologies. IT companies pay for their employees to be trained and certified in current proficiencies.
When schools try to handle IT services in-house, they typically have a much longer research, development, and implementation time. All of this not only increases costs but can slow down your operational processes and any new projects that require IT support.

Your School Will Benefit From Better IT Management

Many school administrators don’t even know what an IT employee does, so they can’t adequately supervise what they are or aren’t doing. With an outsourced IT company, you’ll have a contract that backs the service they provide. Managing an IT staff isn’t easy if you don’t understand and keep up with the latest technologies.

You’ll Have Peace Of Mind With 24/7 Help Desk Support

An outsourced IT company will provide 24/7/365 coverage, so unlike an in-house employee, illnesses, vacations, family issues and holidays won’t disrupt the management of your system. If your system goes down in the middle of the night, your IT company will know and have it running by the time you arrive to school early the next morning.

Wireless Networks Will Be Secure

The schools that “get the best grades” are those that take advantage of the many benefits a reliable WIFI system provides. This ensures students and teachers can use computers via WIFI no matter where they are in the school.
Children today rely on E-Learning via desktops, laptops and iPads in nearly every classroom. In some schools, all of their educational materials are now on virtual learning environments that depend on WIFI.
But, with the use of WIFI there’s always a risk that children will tap into inappropriate internet content and use devices to chat or communicate with friends. A reliable outsourced IT provider helps to mitigate this risk, ensuring filters and software are installed at a high level on the school’s internet feed to block harmful material and prevent students from participating in distracting behavior. We can even install software to give administrators and educators snapshots of students’ computer screens.

Reliable & Recoverable Backups Are Ensured

Your outsourced IT provider can remotely monitor and backup your IT system. With the new hybrid and private clouds, you can have a system that automatically backs up everything including your software applications, is protected, and available 24/7. When you consider this, your outsourced IT company pays for itself if you’re dealing with IT disasters or failures.

Kyocera Intelligence Is The IT Provider Private Schools Trust

We understand the limited resources school administrators face, and we work with them to come up with solutions that will work now and for some years to come. And, we support both Macs and PCs.
You can trust us to:

  • Keep your school’s technology and computer support costs under control.
  • Provide the best service and support from an IT team with an in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies schools today depend on.
  • Offer a designated technology strategist who can help you make the right technology decisions.
  • Address your IT needs before they become big problems.
  • Do whatever it takes to keep your school’s IT network secure and operational 24/7/365.

Still Not Convinced?

In the end, If you still don’t want to replace your in-house tech, we can be an extension of your IT staff as opposed to acting as your entire offsite IT department.
For more information on how your school can benefit from outsourcing IT service from the experts at Kyocera Intelligence, contact one of our local offices. We’ll be happy to visit your school or administrative offices to provide a complete IT assessment so you’ll be ready for the next school year.
Just as your students need to keep learning, so should you! Visit our Blog where we publish informative tech articles every month.