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Your law firm has likely gone through a growing stage where you need to hire additional staff to do the work — and then more employees to eventually manage that staff. It’s all too easy for CEOs and other executives to get caught up in the trap of doing things themselves instead of hiring an exceptional employee and holding them accountable. You can hire the best individuals for tech services for law firms in the country for substantially less than the hourly rate of your senior executives.
Why is hiring the best people so difficult for organizations?
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Critical Hiring Processes

What happens when someone leaves, gets hurt or quits? You have to fill the position, but you end up with a lot of unqualified candidates and slowly narrow them down to a few potentially qualified applicants. The standard hiring process includes phone or in-person interviews, few of whom end up being the ideal employee. Then, you hire one of the final few individuals that are left that made it through the process, are reasonably qualified and seem like a good cultural fit. Unfortunately, this extended process ends up with you hiring someone who may or may not be the perfect person for your position — and there’s a high possibility that they will not last long in your organization.

Always Be Recruiting (and Selling!)

When you meet an individual who you consider to be a high-potential candidate, don’t let the fact that you don’t have an immediate position stop you from keeping them in mind. You’re not likely to get great people from a standard advertisement. Instead, look for alternative options for finding your next superstars. Ask your top performers to recommend someone, go to popular networking events in your industry and don’t be afraid to look to your competitor as a source for your next great candidate. Just as you’re always selling your business, always be recruiting if you want to keep the fires of growth stoked and flaming high.

Create a Pipeline of Candidates

You don’t necessarily have to poach candidates from a partner or vendor. However, you can put the word out with highly qualified candidates that you’re willing to entertain a conversation when they are ready to have it. Perhaps that time comes when they’re having a difficult time with their boss or with a co-worker, and you’ll be waiting in the wings and ready to provide them with a better opportunity within your business.
Finding the right technology solutions for law firms can be a challenge. When you have the right staff members in key tech and management positions, you’re able to scale your business effectively when an opportunity occurs. The time to staff up is not after you’ve nabbed that big client — you should be constantly recruiting so you have a stable of extraordinary talent ready to step into the limelight for your business.