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RE/MAX, located in Baltimore, MD, is a real estate company with some of the industry’s most experienced agents located throughout Canada and the US. When RE/MAX was looking to reduce IT costs, Kyocera Intelligence was able to provide fully managed IT services AND reduce their annual voice/data expenses by $8,400 a year! Prior to working with One Source, RE/MAX was paying for hourly IT support – and the costs were adding up fast with onsite and help desk support. Real estate agent/owner at RE/MAX, explained, “I had a prior arrangement with the copier department of One Source. They referred me to the IT department and I’ve gotten over $700 savings on my monthly bill from what I paid before. I also have direct IT support that I didn’t have before.” One Source Provides IT Support, Proactive Maintenance & IT Consulting for a Flat Rate Monthly Fee! After meeting with RE/MAX, Kyocera Intelligence was able to bring them onboard and provide IT support, proactive maintenance, and IT consulting for a flat rate monthly fee. The owner explained, “Our previous IT company charged me a couple thousand dollars worth of bills! One Source came up with a fair monthly contract that included what we need.” She continued, “They’ve been handling everything and my hands have been out of it! This isn’t my forte and I don’t want to do it, so I can’t complain. Anytime my assistant or I call, they take the call immediately or get back to us within 15 minutes!” One Source Improves Voice Service Capabilities & Reduces Voice/Data Expenses by $8,400 a Year! As part of the business discussion to determine RE/MAX’s needs, One Source thoroughly analyzed their voice and data plan – and they were spending a shocking $1,800 a month for voice and carrier services! For a 20-person real estate office, they were getting 32MB Internet speed from a dedicated Ethernet connection, which is far too much for a small office. The owner at RE/MAX discussed their voice and data expenses, “I was with Comcast for the Internet. They were charging $1,800 a month! One Source helped restructure that. They told me there was no reason I needed what I was paying for. They were very upfront and honest.” One Source improved their voice service capabilities and provided 20Mbps dedicated Ethernet connectivity to suit their needs while reducing costs. RE/MAX owner expressed her appreciation, “I’d definitely recommend them. They’re not here to rob you or take advantage of you, they’re here to work with you!Looking to make the most of your IT investment? One Source offers fully managed IT services that are reliable, predictable, and most importantly, proactive! Call us at (800) 875-8843 or email: itsolutions@kimidatlantic.com to learn more. ]]>