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In the 20th century was the advent of the copier, which towards the late 1990’s, evolved into the digital copier. The copier and printer industries began to compete and that was very good for businesses. Recent developments in digital document management software have some copier and printer manufacturers seeing change on the horizon and pondering how they might have to change with it.

Printer Technology

Just over the past few years, document management software has reached beyond the filing cabinet and into the office – redefining the industry into what’s now called enterprise content management. This is software that doesn’t just store documents but also handles many, often complex, office functions that revolve around them.

Did you know in the past four years, demand for copy paper has dropped by 3.3 million tons with predictions of a further 23 percent reduction in the next decade?

Some manufacturers have begun to include different apps into their product offering. Kyocera Document Solutions has already developed and added integrated software applications that will transform their MFP products; resulting in the following:

  • Enhanced information sharing
  • Resource optimizations
  • Improved document workflows.

Here are 3 applications that will drastically change your business over the next 5 years:

  1. Document workflow improvements: Not only scan your documents, but to simplify workflow through digital imaging, distribution, retrieval, and longtime archival.
  2. Mobile print: Enable mobile users to simply and conveniently print documents, web pages, and images from smart phones or tablets and scan files from their MFP to their mobile devices.
  3. Tiered color printing: A tiered color monitor built into color MFPs to offer business the flexibility to pay lower costs for color printing based on the amount of color print they put on the page.

Gartner expects 33% of all office system users to start using the cloud by 2017!

With the enhanced features to come in terms of scanning and document management, you can look forward to increased storage capacity in local servers. Another application that will enhance your business is the ability to scan directly to a cloud provider, whether that is Google Drive, Microsoft 365, or a server you host at a datacenter.

This will reduce your local storage requirement and provide built in disaster recovery and continuity for your business.

Finally, the emergence of 3D printers is happening. They are currently being used in manufacturing, large architectural firms, colleges, universities, high schools, vocational schools, medical companies, etc. The current low cost options do not produce great quality. There are great 3D printers available today but this technology will continue to improve, the cost will lower, and they will be common place in business within the next 5 years.

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