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It isn’t difficult to tell the difference between a vendor and a partner. While both will support your business well, a partner takes the time to truly understand your business requirements. The partner actively looks for ways to recommend services that allow your business to thrive — not just survive. When you are looking for an IT support company servicing Philadelphia, you want a true partner for your business.

What is Active IT Monitoring?

Apply patches, answering service requests and keeping your software versions up-to-date are all activities that you would expect from a Philadelphia IT services company. Along with these options, you need an organization that is constantly scanning your platforms for threats and proactively moving to plug any potential security breaches as they’re happening. Organizations that offer active IT monitoring go several steps further than simply offering a menu of services for your business. Instead, they actively search out new opportunities that will be a fit for your business and make unique recommendations that are in your best interests.

How Do Philadelphia IT Services Companies Work?

There is no easy answer to how Philadelphia IT services companies work, other than “it depends”. With a proactive partner, you can define the competencies that you need to outsource and not be required to simply accept a set package of services that are offered on a monthly basis. Not only should your IT support company help you quickly replace a server when it fails, but they should also be looking at the root cause of the failure to be sure that the underlying systems are adequate to support your needs. Completing this type of analysis takes a savvy and dedicated resource, something that some services organizations are unable or unwilling to provide.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services For Your Philadelphia Company?

A truly proactive IT solutions provider will take the time to sit down with you and ensure that your business needs are being met — or exceeded — instead of simply doing the bare minimum to get by. This could be anything from making recommendations about the vendors that you’re currently using and looking for cost savings to finding holes in your security net that would allow a hacker easy access to your information. When your internal technology team is able to focus on process improvement and the future of your business, you’ll see significant growth in your business. When your internal IT team is stuck in the day-to-day rut of answering questions, resetting passwords and finding lost files, it’s difficult if not impossible for them to find the time to research new tech and map out enhancements to your operations.
Whether you have worked with an IT support company servicing Philadelphia for a long time or are just getting started, keep in mind that you want a partner who is interested in helping your business thrive!