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The executives, the C-suite, the owners of your business are likely to be extremely passionate about what they do. They understand exactly how their work ties into and supports the long-term mission and goals of the organization. They can link the daily work of their teams to the vision they see for the future.
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But something happens the further you get away from the lofty executive halls. Employees start losing interest. They may lack the personal feeling of accomplishment — almost the natural high — of seeing how their work fits into the broader organizational objectives. It’s not because they are poor employees or because they don’t care what happens. The most likely reason that they’re not as passionate and engaged as senior leaders are because they do not see themselves reflected in the organization. When passionate leaders for businesses such as computer services in Baltimore can instill that personal sense of accomplishment in their teams, then employee engagement skyrockets.

Tie Your Vision to Your Employees Daily Work

Most people don’t realize it, but there are thousands of Walmart millionaires scattered throughout the country. What’s unusual about these individuals is not that they made a great deal of money working for the retail giant. It’s that they weren’t executives, high-level partners or vendors. They were greeters at some of the earliest Walmart stores. The engagement that these individuals, often from the older generations, felt was exceptional because they knew that they were personally invested in the organization. Walmart leadership made a brilliant decision to provide each employee with stock options — making many of the early employee’s millionaires many times over.

The Domination of Chick-Fil-A

Many people call it the cult of Chick-Fil-A: the seemingly endless cheerfulness of the staff that works there even under what may seem like extreme conditions. Chick-Fil-A stores are a mob scene nearly every moment of every day, yet the team is patient, kind and proactive — and extremely fast in almost all cases. At Chick-Fil-A, single store sales are dramatically higher than McDonald’s because of the culture of the business. Even though the food is not significantly tastier and is more expensive than McDonald’s food, the friendliness of the staff makes it a primary choice for families and single adults.
At OSIS, we not only offer computer support in Baltimore, but we believe in creating a culture that allows ample room for advancement and a focus on mentoring for both our staff and our clients. Scaling your business requires creating that same sense of passion and engagement with your employees. Passionate leaders can translate their excitement for the organization into actionable goals for their team. With proactive training, positive reinforcement and a compelling personal reason to stay engaged, our computer services in Baltimore will help your organization reach beyond any perceived limits.