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Today’s modern construction companies have gone “high tech” using IT solutions to handle many information-intensive activities. They succeed by using up-to-date technologies to communicate and collaborate in the office, between offices, and with employees on construction sites. In the past, most of this was managed using paper-based systems and verbal communication. But all this has changed. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are appearing alongside hard hats and tools. Project managers depend on 3D blueprints using computer-aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM).
Outsourced IT Services For Baltimore Construction Firms
Unfortunately, many construction companies were hit hard during the 2008 recession– and as a result, their technology also took a hit. This was the case for a builder in Maryland. They were forced to scale back their operations, which meant that updating their IT network, hardware, and software was not a possibility.
But, now that building in the Baltimore Metro Area is booming once again, they found themselves without the reliable, secure, and efficient technology solutions they required to complete projects on time and within budget.
They knew their projects would be in jeopardy without the right IT solutions:

  • They couldn’t share data securely with their project managers,
  • Their critical data was at risk because they hadn’t converted to enterprise-based cloud backups,
  • They were using old servers and hardware that were in danger of crashing,
  • And they couldn’t process invoices efficiently with their out-of-date software.

So, they contacted Kyocera Intelligence for a complete refurbishment of their IT network. We met with their owners and managers, learned about their IT troubles, and performed a thorough assessment of their technology requirements.
The first thing we did was decommission their old server and replace it with a new one. This alone increased the speed of their IT operations. But they needed much more. They didn’t have adequate connectivity between their offices which was crippling their ability to share critical data. So, we ensured that all of their offices, as well as their project sites, had the hardware and software to promote secure digital communications and collaboration.
We updated their workstations and the software they use every day, including their CAD program which we replaced with 2020 design software. Now they can design the blueprints their project managers and subcontractors depend on. 2020 CAD software supports libraries of standard elements that can be viewed and rendered in 3D models. 3D modeling software enables them to produce detailed and realistic results. And it’s the best solution to help them save time, money and efficiently modify their models when needed. Their new 3D modeling software now provides them a strategic advantage, so they can win bids, manage projects efficiently, and complete jobs without cost overruns.
Business continuity was a huge concern. The Baltimore Metro Area is prone to some pretty harsh weather. Snow and ice cripple businesses in the winter. And during the summer they experience lightning storms with winds that take down power lines. Without a business continuity disaster plan their work would come to a halt. We installed and deployed an enterprise-based cloud backup solution, so they would always have secure access to their data, even if their offices were shut down. Plus, their data is now protected from hackers and thieves who want to steal their confidential information.
To ensure complete data security, we implemented a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN connection is similar to a WAN connection but offers more privacy and security. Now their data both in storage and in transmission is safeguarded from prying eyes.
We deployed a new Cisco Meraki solution for complete data protection and accessibility in the Cloud. This was exactly what they needed–they can now sleep well at night knowing their data is stored securely and that they can access it, even from mobile devices on their job sites. Their data, both onsite and offsite, is protected 24/7.
With our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution their employees can safely exchange emails, collaborate on documents, use line-of-business applications, and access company phone services without worry. If a mobile device is lost or stolen, we can remotely wipe the data it contains so intruders can’t retrieve it. Plus, we can ensure any disgruntled employees can’t leave with their proprietary data.
With the business continuity, connectivity, mobility, and security we provided, their jobs are being completed on schedule, they can process invoices and payments to keep a positive cash flow going, and they can pay their subcontractors and vendors on time to avoid late-payment penalties.
Today, Kyocera Intelligence works with this Maryland-based construction firm to provide a strategic approach that meets their needs and will work for them in the long-term.
Kyocera Intelligence goes above and beyond to build a strong client relationship that stands the test of time. We are committed to understanding a client’s needs and aligning technology to support them.
We know the important role technology plays for construction businesses in the Baltimore Metro Area. Our top priority is to ensure that their IT systems are up and running at all times, their data is secure and accessible, and their office and job site staff have access to the support needed to maintain productivity.
Kyocera Intelligence is committed to providing the best data backup and disaster solution to ensure productivity even when power lines are down.
We also act as a Strategic IT Consultant for construction businesses in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. We discuss their business goals and sort through the complex world of technology to implement the best IT solutions for their unique needs.
Our IT experts ensure IT security by providing a comprehensive, multi-layered solution to protect their workstations and confidential data from security threats like malware, viruses, and hackers.
And last, but not least, construction companies in the Baltimore Metro Area and beyond know they can rely on our 24/7 support for any IT-related questions and concerns and to resolve issues before disruption or downtime occurs.
The Outcome: A Secure and Reliable IT Infrastructure with success for our client, and a long-standing relationship for us.