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Why Outsourced CIO Services Are More Beneficial For Your Business

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) provides an invaluable service for your business. It’s their job to understand your organization completely and offer strategic IT planning, analysis, and overall IT management.

However, finding an experienced CIO that is willing to carry out executive-level duties on a small business salary is nearly impossible. Many businesses can’t even afford to even try to hire someone to fill this position – but just because the resources aren’t there, it doesn’t mean that the need for CIO services isn’t there either.

It can be expensive to hire someone just to take care of their IT and strategy. Payscale estimates the current average salary for a CIO in the US is $157,557.

Can you afford that?

Outsource Your CIO Needs Instead

Using an outsourced CIO service provides your business with an experienced IT professional who has an in-depth understanding of business strategy and technology. Could your business benefit from strategic IT planning that aligns your technology strategy and spending with your overall business goals?

Your outsourced CIO will advise you on everything from IT security to business operations. Their job is to:

  • Improve cash flow and employee productivity
  • Consider the future and promote continued business growth
  • Help you cut IT operating costs
  • Confirm that your technology is running securely and that it enables your people to work each day efficiently
  • Purchase new IT equipment and manage its infrastructure
  • Lead, direct and recruit your IT workforce, and working with IT management to develop a strategic roadmap

Put simply, the CIO maps out the information and communications technology (ICT) strategy and policy of your organization, ensuring that technology is effectively procured and utilized and that plans detailing how it is used are effectively documented.

CIO Services By Kyocera Intelligence

Your Kyocera Intelligence CIO will work closely with your business to make sure that you’re making the right technology investments. Our focus is not just on what is best for your business today, but what will benefit your business down the road.

Our outsourced CIO services include:

  • Analysis of business practices and existing technology to understand how you use IT
  • Understanding how your staff uses IT on a daily basis to help them improve productivity
  • Guidance on strategic IT investments and overall budgeting
  • Creation of a multi-year IT plan focused on adopting cost-effective technology to streamline business operations
  • Planning for technology refreshes and strategies in the long-term to maximize the IT’s impact on business operations
  • Regular reviews of your IT plan to discover new solutions to improve productivity and streamline operations
  • Advisory services in the areas of data security and cybersecurity, addressing customer, regulatory, and the executive team’s concerns
  • Forward-thinking business planning on the ever-changing remote workplace

A truly effective strategy can’t come from the occasional meeting. It requires real focus and ongoing effort – investing in CIO services from Kyocera Intelligence that will do that for you today.

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