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Everything You Need To Know About Paying For Remote Outsourced IT Services

The world of business IT has changed drastically thanks to the possibilities offered by remote Cloud technologies. Remote access possibilities have also made it much easier for network management to be outsourced to providers around the globe.

Pretty much all the services and support your local IT shop offers, are now also remotely offered by countless providers for increasingly competitive prices. But how are business leaders supposed to know if outsourcing their helpdesk support to a remote provider is a good deal?

What Kinds of Remote IT Support Are Available for Businesses?

There’s no denying that many businesses still prefer some kind of local or on-site IT support – and we don’t blame them. There’s something about having a local provider in your corner that you can call for on-site service as its needed – this is best practice. However, outsourcing IT services to a remote provider doesn’t mean you need to outsource everything. That’s why, we’re on a mission to inform businesses of the two best options for outsourcing critical parts of your IT service and support.

Here are the different outsourced IT support arrangements to consider:

  • Remote server maintenance

Remote server maintenance is basically all about keeping things up and running optimally behind the scenes. Remote server maintenance services include infrastructure monitoring, alert generation, health scanning and vulnerability detection, analytics generation, patch application, and more.

Some more advanced remote server maintenance packages may also include dynamic performance optimization and automated remote remediation of network problems.

  • Remote desktop management and helpdesk services

Remote desktop management and helpdesk services is all about reliable and secure support to ensure your system and your team are never stalled due to technical problems. Remote desktop management and helpdesk services include anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam management, remote desktop access capabilities, and remote remediation of tricky desktop issues.

Some more advanced remote desktop management and helpdesk services may also include round-the-clock helpdesk services and application-specific support.

What Should You Be Paying for a Remote IT Helpdesk?

Now that we’ve explained the aspects of business IT support that you can easily outsource to a remote provider, let’s talk cost and value. If you decide to outsource either server maintenance or helpdesk services, how much should you allocate in your budget for the remote services you need? While we can’t give you an exact or fool-proof number, we’ve put together some average estimates for the costs of remotely outsourcing either of these services.

Here’s an estimate of what you should pay for different types of remote IT support services:

  • Remote server maintenance

Remote server maintenance will usually cost the average business somewhere between $100-$400, per server, per month.

  • Remote desktop management and helpdesk services

Remote desktop management and helpdesk services will likely cost the average business anywhere from $60-$85 per workstation, per month.

Additional things to keep in mind:

  • While these are accurate average costs, they’re only estimates. The cost of remote services will vary depending on the shape and size of your organization and will be different from provider to provider.
  • Remember: the more features you want to be handled remotely – especially when these remote services include the remediation of problems – the higher your monthly bill will be.
  • In most cases, the smaller the remote IT service provider, the lower the cost. But keep in mind that the smaller the provider, the less people in your corner to provide remote support.
  • Make sure to vet all providers before investing or signing an agreement.
  • Remember, outsourcing to a remote IT provider doesn’t mean you should completely forget about the onsite support you may need. Best practice is to build a combination of remote and onsite support.

Finding the Right Remote IT Helpdesk Support

So far, we’ve laid out the easiest IT services for your business to outsource remotely and given you some tips on how to budget for these services. Convinced yet? We hope so. If you are, the only thing left to do is start your search for the right remote IT providers. Make sure to do your research – don’t just go with the first big-hype provider that shows up in your Google search. Check out different providers, ask questions, and check with other businesses who have had success outsourcing remotely.

If your business is looking to outsource some or all of your IT support services to a remote provider, why not start your search by reaching out to the team of IT professionals at Kyocera Intelligence for a consultation? Our team is committed to working with businesses of all shapes and sizes to develop remote IT support services that are customized to meet their needs.

If remote IT support is what you’re after, we want to hear from you. No matter the level or type of support you’re looking for, our team will work alongside you to create a reliable plan. Reach the team of IT support specialists at Kyocera Intelligence at (800) 875-8843 or via email at itsolutions@kimidatlantic.com.