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Our team will take part in the Baltimore Walk for Wishes event later this month. Kyocera Intelligence is dedicated to the community we live in, and we are dedicated to giving back to it whenever and however we can. We are a company full of people who have kids and grand-kids that we care deeply about. When a child is suffering from an illness, that illness impacts not just the child, but their entire family. Being able to help these kids and allow families to see their faces light up when their wish is granted warms the hearts of all of us here at Kyocera Intelligence. We are proud to be a Make-A-Wish partner and to have a group of our employees support this wonderful organization. “Being a company full of people who are focused on our families, we partnered with Make-A-Wish to help make a difference in the lives of kids who are suffering with illnesses and to see their faces filled with joy by having their wish granted.” – Kimberly Wilson, CFO On April 29th, members of the Kyocera Intelligence family will be participating in the “Walk for Wishes” being held at Rash Field at the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, MD to help change the lives of local children with critical illnesses. If you feel it in your heart to support this cause and our team, please go to our team page to donate to our team, or to a specific member of our team. Every dollar helps immensely. Supporting Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic: Bethesda, MD For a child with a critical illness, a wish experience can give back some of what that illness takes away. It can help children forget about being sick. It can help them remember how to be kids, to laugh out loud, and to inspire them to keep making plans for the future. For every wish granted, there is one more local child waiting to receive a wish. It is estimated that 840 children in the Mid-Atlantic region will be diagnosed with a critical illness this year alone. We rely on superheroes like you to help us close the gap between the kids waiting for a wish and those who are able to receive one. “The Make-A-Wish Foundation is making a difference in the lives of kids with illness giving them an experience that brings joy to them and their entire family. If we can impact the life of one child, that is reward enough.” – Jim Riley, President A Bright Spot In A Dark PatchOften, it’s not the illness itself that is the most devastating part of a sick child’s life. It’s the loss of what can sometimes be a huge portion of their childhood. Endless doctor’s appointments and treatments, visits to specialists, extended hospital stays, and countless days spent at home instead of at school or out with their friends or doing activities simply because they’re too sick to take part make for a bleak life. This leaves these kids feeling isolated from other children their own age, and forces them to miss out on important milestones in their young lives. When a wish is granted, it lets one lucky child forget that they’re not “normal”, and brings a much-needed distraction into a very stressful period in their lives. That’s what makes these wishes so powerful – it puts a little magic back into their childhoods and gives them the motivation to keep fighting to get better. A positive outlook can make a big difference where recovery is concerned. And for their families – their parents especially – it’s a chance to get a small break from endless worry. Staying strong isn’t always easy, which makes wishes a treat for parents, too. Getting to see a sick child get back to being something like the person they were before their diagnosis is a huge relief, especially when that child is terminally ill or has a grim prognosis. It’s an opportunity to make a happy memory at an unhappy time. Wishes aren’t about sending kids to theme parks or sporting events; they’re about letting deserving kids be kids, even if it’s just for a few hours. That’s why the work Make-A-Wish does is so important, and why the Kyocera Intelligence family is so passionate about helping this fantastic organization meet their fundraising goals and help as many children as possible. The more funds and resources Make-A-Wish has at their disposal, the less time sick kids spend waiting for their wishes to come true. To learn more about the work Make-A-Wish does and how you can help, visit their official website. If you’d like to know more about the work the Kyocera Intelligence team does when we’re in the office, contact us at (800) 875-8843 or ITsolutions@osisIT.com.]]>