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New With KYOCERA Net Manager

KYOCERA Net Manager is a comprehensive, yet simple output, capture, and fleet management solution.

Simple. Smart. Secure.

What’s New?

  • Code Books: Code Books are used to easily add email recipients or other destinations to a scan job. And now, email addresses can be searched for or favorited directly at the Kyocera MFP (Embedded Terminal).
  • Login Screen: Admins can now set if the software numeric keypad displays on the Embedded Terminal login screen. This provides a better user experience for login if the keypad is not needed.
  • Staple & Punch: Stapling and Punching job properties can now be edited on the Embedded Terminal at the time of printing, even if the job was sent to a Print&Follow queue without these options selected.
  • Smart Job Manager: Enhanced by merging all three authentication methods of PIN/Card, Username/Password, or Selecting a User from a list into a single user detection method.
  • Offline Synchronization: Users can now be synchronized from the KYOCERA Net Manager server to MFPs and Printers with Embedded Terminals. The ability to synchronize logins is useful in environments that want to use offline login as a failover solution if the server is unavailable.

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