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The backbone of your family medical practice or dental office is your commitment to total client confidentiality.  Security is of paramount importance to you, and you want your loyal patients to know that their medical records are one hundred percent safe with you.
The bad news is that cybercrime is on the rise, and your security is at risk more now than ever before.  Every time you turn around, it seems there is another dangerous virus infecting the systems of people and practices you actually know. Sometimes it hits just a little too close to home.   You thought you were safe—now, you’re not so sure.

So, what’s the answer?  Is there a solution to this 21st-century problem? 
Healthcare professionals, including physicians with medical and dental practices, will benefit from adding subscription-based encryption messaging and cloud storage based services to their IT infrastructure.  But, just what do these services do?
One Source partners with NetSfere to provide the best technology solutions to practices just like yours.  NetSfere protects your industry by knowing your industry.  Part of what makes dental and medical practices more technologically complicated are the varying legislation compliance issues surrounding the use of messaging services.  NetSfere prides itself on being experts in HIPAA compliance.  They specialize in familiarity with the message protocols for each different country to make international communication and data transmission both successful and compliant with each region’s specific rules.
More than this, One Source employs NetSfere technology to keep your office functioning optimally on multiple devices and platforms.  They recognize that you need to have secure data and email services, but you also need systems in place that allow your staff to be productive and to have the capability to access the tools they need anytime and in any location. Part of that toolkit is the ability to easily attach documents – including photos and X-rays – from different desktops and devices.  Now your staff can work not only from the office but also from remote and mobile locations!
But the heart of the matter is security.  Remote access is wonderful, but how safe is it? 
One Source employs NetSfere encryption technology to ensure your device to device messaging is secure from potential hacking attempts.  Through the use of sophisticated algorithms designed specifically to deal with threats to data security, NetSfere is able to recognize potential threats and stop them in their tracks.
NetSfere also provides you with complete control over your messaging systems.  You set the parameters for employee privileges and policies – ensuring that data transmission is not only secure but regulated and protected.  It is centrally located for ease of management by your One Source team.  Best of all, it is also cloud-based to provide secure backup and safeguarding against lost messages and sensitive information.
One Source will deliver on our promise of consistent and effective email delivery transmission.  Your email and messages are only good to you if they actually get where they are supposed to go when they are supposed to get there!  With NetSfere technology, that’s a guarantee.
Your family doctor’s office or dental practice needs protection.
One Source can provide that peace of mind for you through NetSfere.
To learn more about this technology and what it can offer you and your patients, call the OneSource team now at (800) 875-8843