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Microsoft partners from reselling these online services at a higher rate- hoping to increase their profits further. It turns out that Microsoft has covered their bases as far as partner agreements go. They have implemented rigid guidelines that their partners must follow. This means that OSISIT complies with the guidelines provided by Microsoft in how they sell their product. It is not very difficult to become a partner of Microsoft. It is a free program, and there are numerous benefits including the use of and training in Microsoft online services. Through this training, those at OSISIT and other partner companies are confident in using the software, and subsequently, they are also comfortable selling the services. To become a partner, one must navigate to the partners page and log in with the required information. From here the Microsoft Online Services Agreement can be found. Those who wish to be a partner must sign the agreement. The next step is an online assessment that determines if potential partners are up to Microsoft standards. If they are, partners are given the opportunity to take advantage of numerous educational opportunities that teach them how to receive recognition from Cloud sales. When Microsoft partners with companies like OSISIT they make sure that that company will follow the standards Microsoft has already set forth. To ensure compliance, Microsoft partners are given an agreement that outlines what is and is not required as a partner. This means that the services the partner will provide, rules regarding privacy of customers, and more are outlined here in the partner agreement. Also outlined is the pricing that the partner companies must be aware of. Microsoft does not explicitly say that there is no deviation from the Microsoft price set forth, however, they do say that if there are any changes made to pricing the partner company will be informed. This lends itself to the belief that pricing for the services provided by IT vendors must be the same as the pricing on the Microsoft website and the services they sell themselves. The agreement also states that Microsoft’s prices for products are available at the Portal, or any other website designated by Microsoft that includes price lists. The Portal refers to the site that is only available to partners. Microsoft has a detailed agreement that partners must sign. OSISIT and other partner companies are made aware of what they are and are not allowed to do in reference to the Microsoft online services. Partners are selected carefully and are reviewed thoroughly before being allowed to resell the Microsoft products. All of this shows how seriously Microsoft takes their services as well as how particular they are in the partners they pair with. This is a huge company that provides service to many people across the globe. For this reason, it is hard to think that any sort of partner or IT vendor would be able to “pull the wool over their eyes,” and make more profit than Microsoft does on their own product. Overall, however, it can be very useful for Microsoft to enlist the help of a partner such as OSISIT, as it perpetuates the rate of sales of online services. This is also beneficial to the OSISIT, as they can gain access to these services without paying a subscription fee. It is truly an agreement that benefits both sides equally. Microsoft’s online services are beneficial in numerous capacities and anyone in any business can take advantage of these services. For more information on ways to cut costs, improve productivity, and ensure your workforce is always thriving, contact those at OSISIT. Call (800) 875-8843 or email OSISIT IT experts at ITsolutions@osisit.com. ]]>