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It Was A Great Year & And A Smashing Kickoff For The New One!

One Source Imaging Solutions, a wholly owned operation of Kyocera US, had our Annual Company Kickoff to set the tone for fiscal year April 2019-March 2020.

Our Kickoff recapped fiscal year 2019 and got us excited for the new one.

Mike Melissas (Branch President) lead the event, delivered thanks to everyone for the great job they did in the past year, and updated us all with exciting plans to come.

Besides the corporate meetings where leadership shared our financial and operational goals, we incorporated a bit of fun. There were games, prizes, incentives and delicious food that went along with our Cinco De Mayo theme.

In between and after the presentations, we had a raffle for prizes where we gave away $50 gift cards and even a flat screen TV!

After the meeting, everyone enjoyed lunch, and had fun shooting darts, taking pictures in a photo booth, and having chances to smash a piñata!

Computer Technology Team

All of our employees work hard to provide excellent customer service and help us reach our goals as a company. The day was a chance to celebrate our successes, prepare to reach our goals in the coming year, and have some fun doing so!