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Welcome to #MeetTheTeam Monday.

Today, we’d like you to meet Amy! 
Amy is the Operations Manager at OSIS, she has been working here for 16 years. She and her husband have been married for 29 years. She has a son and a daughter, both in college. Her son is also a U.S. Marine. She grew up a military brat, living in 9 different states throughout the country. She was a dancing majorette in high school, her squad was called the Foxy Ladies (the school mascot was a Fox). Going to the beach is her “happy place”.
IT Support Baltimore
Fun Fact: She loves to travel and would like to retire and then drive to visit each state while living in a camper.
She relates best to June Cleaver in Leave It to Beaver.
She would want the ability to fly if she had to pick a superpower.
Her favorite pastime is reading.
She would travel to The Virgin Islands if she could go anywhere.
As a child, she wanted to be a Mom when she grew up.
Her favorite food is pizza and she can’t live without her iPhone!
Same song forever, what would it be?
Living on a prayer.