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P.T. Barnum may have been the greatest showman that ever lived. Out of nothing he created a circus dynasty that ran from 1871 to 2017. When P.T. Barnum was in the center ring under the big top, there was no doubt who was running the show. Without him, the circus was a scattered array of sideshow acts and animal performances. Barnum brought it all together into a stunning display that explored the limits of human an animal ability. No circus is complete without the ringmaster – the person that orchestrates the entire performance while ensuring that the crowd is getting every penny’s worth of their admission price. The question for your Washington D.C. business today is, who is your technology ringmaster? Who is taking charge of your computers, tablets, smartphones, servers, network, WiFi, and cloud assets and getting them all under control? Who is bringing out the best in each piece of hardware and software to provide a secure, stable and productive working environment for your employees? A managed IT services provider is the technology ringmaster your DC company needs! What is managed IT services? Managed IT services is a subscription-based IT support option that gives your company all the computer management, maintenance, and operational/cybersecurity monitoring you need to avoid costly downtime and achieve highly efficient workflow. A managed IT services company here in Washington D.C., like Kyocera Intelligence, provides a comprehensive approach to the care and optimization of business technology. The best news about managed IT services is that your company can have all the IT support you need AND be able to budget consistently for that support. No more surprise bills! Is your current Washington D.C business technology a circus without a ringmaster? You have so many things going on within your business – shipping, receiving, accounting, HR, sales, marketing, production, development. Each one of these business functions has its own technical requirements, and they all must sync with each other for a business to run the way it should. Until now, you’ve tried several options for the position of “technology ringmaster.” You’ve tried…

  • No ringmaster – But it didn’t take long to figure out that was a disaster waiting to happen.
  • A ringmaster that doubled as a sales associate – But having an employee split their focus between technology and the job they were hired to do always ends in something being left undone (usually the technology maintenance).
  • A ringmaster that only showed up when something went terribly wrong – Computer repair companies that specialize in the break/fix model of computer support aren’t the ones who will help you keep IT consistency and enable your company to get to the next plateau of growth.
So, along the way you’ve learned.
  • You can’t let technology run wild – it needs someone to tame it.
  • Your employees can’t do both IT management and their own work – and do both well.
  • You don’t want to be chasing down break/fix contractors to fix your systems – again.
You need a managed IT services company in Washington D.C. to provide a holistic, proactive approach to IT maintenance for your business. The Similarities Between Your Business Technology And A Circus. Everyone and everything is different – really different! People go to the circus to see something that they don’t get to see in daily life. They go to see things that are different, and that’s what they get. Lions, elephants, zebras, trapeze artists, strongmen, clowns, and acrobats are all there to dazzle and amaze. But they’re all different. They all work together under the big top, but not because they are all the same and doing the same thing. Each act is unique. Each piece of technology within your business is likely from a different manufacturer, has a different purpose, a different function, and different programming. Each has to be approached differently. It’s a recipe for disaster without someone in control of it all. To produce the best show takes attention to detail. As you sit on the hard, wooden benches of the circus eating your popcorn and drinking your soda pop, you know that this big show doesn’t happen by accident. Thousands of mman-hourshave gone into making sure that each tiny detail has been addressed. From the pegs that hold the big top’s ropes to the ground to the rigging for the high-wire act – everything has to be right, or someone could die. For a performance of that size and complexity to come off without a hitch, everything has to work perfectly. Your business technology is no different. With a managed IT service company from Washington D.C. on your side, each detail of your IT environment will be addressed to ensure optimal performance and operational security. This attention to detail isn’t the same as a break/fix computer repair contractor giving your system a quick “once over.” Managed IT service providers continually monitor the operation of each element within your IT infrastructure to guarantee the system’s best ongoing performance. There are dangers on the outside and on the inside that must be addressed and minimized. The modern circus faces both internal and external dangers. Internally they face the inherent danger of the daredevil and wild animal acts. Externally, they face the localized threat of vandalism – and in this age, the realization that they – like sporting events and musical performances – are a “soft target” for terrorism. As a result, ambulances, animal trainers, and security guards are on the standby. Because your business is in Washington D.C., you already know that the threat of cybercrime is genuine, and you likely are already taking some steps to mitigate that risk. But have you considered the danger that localized dangers such as fire, flood, human error or disgruntled employees could do to your IT infrastructure from the inside? Protections need to be implemented to avoid data theft and expensive downtime. A managed IT services company will help you put the appropriate cybersecurity and business continuity strategies in place. Everything looks easy from the cheap seats. There are typically two reactions from the people watching the show on the floor of the circus tent. People are either saying to themselves, “I wish I could do that” or “That looks easy, I’ll bet I could do that.” The first group understands that there is a level of expertise and natural ability that goes into the performance. The second group thinks they could do just as well if given a chance. But their bravery only lasts until they are face to face with the lions – then their tune changes quickly. When it comes to IT management, companies like Kyocera Intelligence see people with the same two attitudes toward technology. Some people understand the expertise and professionalism required to keep business technology in line. Others look at it and figure they can do it – until they get bitten by the lion of cybercrime or the tiger of expensive downtime. That’s when they realize that managed IT services just might be a good idea after all and go looking for a company in Washington D.C. that rolls a full range of services such as the following list into one complete offering. Learn more about why a managed IT services approach will help your Washington D.C. business by reading more articles on this topic HERE. ]]>