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How Managed Document Services Reduces Costs

Many business owners are familiar with Managed Print Services, but they aren’t familiar with MDS. Managed Document Services is a broader service that encompasses everything related to your document output, including:

  • Capturing images
  • Archiving docs
  • Organizing workflows
  • Security for your documents
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Reducing overall costs

By taking the holistic approach using MDS, you can significantly streamline the printing, storage, and destruction of paper documents. And this service is not just for large companies. Small and mid-sized companies can benefit from using MDS as well. Many companies report reducing their costs by 30 percent, so this can be a great benefit to smaller start-ups.

How Managed Document Services Reduces Costs

Can You Create A Plan That’s Customised?

KYOCERA MDS begins by creating a customized plan, especially for your company. We do our homework by learning about your business. What are your essential needs when it comes to document printing, storage, and retrieval? We also work to learn where you’ve been wasting resources like time, paper, and office space. Our goal is to streamline your printing and document management so that it works better and eliminates waste.

One thing we’ve found over the years is that many companies are dealing with several different vendors when it comes to printers, faxes, and document storage. This can be frustrating for your employees. It requires extra time and other resources. Our MDS process can reduce your IT department’s workload while eliminating employee frustration. We also lessen the environmental impact of printers and MFPs, and that’s good news for our planet.

KYOCERA MDS can help your employees with efficient Supplies Management and automated procurement. If you have an issue, our Help Desk Support is available to handle problems in a timely way.

Have You Been Working With an Inefficient Supply Chain?

Every business owner knows the pain of working with a cumbersome supply chain that requires too much time or too many steps to complete. Your employees can waste hours each week trying to manage it all. But with MDS, you can suddenly get that time back while getting more efficient print and document management services. Plus, your costs are lowered. As a bonus, you won’t run out of paper, toner and other products you need.

MDS is truly a perfect solution for managing all print services and offers automated procurement, so you never have to worry about where to store high-volume orders.

Most business owners appreciate our Remote Monitoring system. It continually checks your consumables and reorders the products you need automatically, so you never run out. You can avoid having to purchase large quantities just to get some type of discount. Your prices are always consistent and affordable.

Ready to Free Up IT Employees?

IT employees often manage the ordering, repairs, and maintenance of your printing equipment. This can take precious time away from their essential duties. You are most likely paying your IT employees big salaries, so their time should be used in maintaining your IT infrastructure. Despite this, companies use these high-paid staff members for tasks that could be done by lower-paid employees. Straightforward jobs like ordering print supplies, dealing with vendors, or repairing equipment are essential to be completed on time and efficiently.

In many cases, managers do try to assign some of these jobs to lower-paid employees. But then, when your department runs out of toner or a printer is malfunctioning, there’s confusion about whose responsibility it is to handle these things. Now you’re faced with down-time. No one can work until someone comes to take care of things. Confusion? Frustration? Stress? Yes, and a lot more. These types of disruption can prevent your staff from getting their work done efficiently.

At KYOCERA MDS, you’ll have one point of contact. Whether you need products, a new printer, or spare parts, we’ll take care of it. And we handle all brands and types of equipment. You’ll get one bill each month for everything. You won’t have to try and track the prices of recently ordered equipment. You’ll have one person that you deal with who knows your account and your business. This will reduce administrative costs and increase productivity for your staff.

Regardless of how advanced technology becomes, most companies will always need to print out certain documents, and many businesses still use fax machines. But when you can turn over those responsibilities to someone else, you free up your staff and ensure that everything will work as needed. Company owners work so hard at optimizing other areas of their workforce but often forget about the document management needs.

Kyocera MDS lets you optimize the operation, supplies, and maintenance of your entire document management platform. This is ongoing management that you can count on. If you install new computers or servers, we’ll make sure there are no compatibility problems between the original and older devices. Everything will work together efficiently. Our primary job is to make sure that your equipment performs at peak levels at all times.

What Type of Reporting is Included?

We provide regular reports to those you assign to receive them. These reports will show what’s going on with your imaging and printing equipment. You’ll know when software and hardware are updated and when equipment breaks down. You’ll have monthly numbers showing how much paper, toner, ink, etc. your employees are using. If we see areas where your company could install better technology that would be of benefit, we’ll let you know. We want to make sure you’re working with the best equipment and getting the most out of your document output devices.

Our reports will show the true cost of printing, storing, and managing documents. Our holistic approach has proven to make life easier for employees. And it includes quality data security so that your documents are protected from intruders.

KYOCERA MDS provides a unique strategy for your company so that you can get the most out of your equipment while eliminating waste and reducing costs. It’s a proven method of managing documents, and today’s companies are benefiting from this service.