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IT ServicesBaltimore, MD – Kyocera Intelligence Inc. is pleased to announce today that After Nines Inc.’s ChannelE2E has named Kyocera Intelligence Inc. to its ChannelE2E 100 – 2016 Edition List. According to ChannelE2E, this list was established to “identify and honor the top entrepreneurs, startups and exits across the IT channel”. The companies listed in the ChannelE2E 100 – 2016 Edition are IT companies that have reached particular professional milestones in the past year. These milestones differ for each company included in the list, but each milestone is indicative of the listed company’s drive toward excellence.

The ChannelE2E – 2016 Edition List proudly displays VARs (value-added resellers), MSPs (managed services providers), cloud services providers (CSPs), IT service providers (ITSPs), independent software vendors (ISVs), distributors, technology companies and other members of the IT channel ecosystem.

The companies listed take their role in improving the ongoing business life of their clients very seriously and perform their functions to a high level of capacity and integrity. The companies who made the ChannelE2E list are leaders in innovation and IT productivity, and they do all of this while offering products and solutions that are budget-friendly to their clients.

Thanks to the milestone of Kyocera Intelligence Inc.’s company launch, Kyocera Intelligence Inc. was named to the ChannelE2E – 2016 Edition List this year. In their congratulatory notes regarding Kyocera Intelligence Inc., ChannelE2E said that, “While many IT service providers and office equipment specialists struggle to balance those two worlds, One Source was built from the ground up to focus on those converged opportunities and plenty more.”

Amy Katz, CEO of After Nines Inc. said, “After Nines Inc. congratulates Kyocera Intelligence Inc. on the ChannelE2E 100 honor. As an entrepreneur myself, I know first hand how exciting and difficult launching a business is; reviewing potential investments; and ultimately selling your business. The After Nines team is on a shared journey with our readers — and we commend your hard work and commitment to making the IT channel stronger.”

About OKyocera Intelligence Inc.

Kyocera Intelligence Inc. is a Mid-Atlantic technology company and provider of IT support and services to small to mid-size businesses in and around Baltimore, Maryland. Kyocera Intelligence Inc. is determined to use every IT and cloud-based IT advantage to promote the business success their customers. Kyocera Intelligence Inc. has the IT background and skills to provide their valued clients with the very best in a wide range of IT solutions that will be budget-friendly, secure, and efficient.

About the Channel Company

ChannelE2E, powered by After Nines Inc., tracks every stage of the IT service provider journey — from entrepreneur to exit. Through exclusive blogs, research and crowdsourced databases, our content guides VARs, MSPs, CSPs, ISVs and the broader IT channel through the five stages of business: Startup, growth, sustained performance, pivot and exit. ChannelE2E also tracks the top IT automation tools and technologies that drive partner profitability. Find out more about ChannelE2E at www.channele2e.com

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