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Why become environmentally friendly?

The original reasons for making businesses environmentally friendly revolved around ethics. With a limited amount of natural resources in the world, wasting what there is would be considered unethical. As time goes on, and businesses develop more practices which are environmentally friendly, it turns out that these kinds of practices have healthy benefits for the company too.
Companies trying to reduce their carbon footprint find many added benefits. While some companies resisted because they did not want to spend company money on efforts which they felt didn’t directly benefit their company, it turned out that sound environmental practices could save companies money. When companies become less dependent on using more and more natural resources, they increase the sustainability of the business. The cost of natural resources is expected to rise significantly because of climate change, and companies that have prepared for this will be more likely to succeed.
Not only that, but customers and potential customers could feel more confident trusting a company that operated on sound ethical principles. Some companies attracted new business because they could show their efforts to reduce waste and respect the environment. Customers can recognize when a company is doing the right thing for the right reasons.
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Initial efforts at reducing environmental impact

In the beginning, attempts to become environmentally friendly revolved around adopting new habits, like recycling. There are four principles involved in recycling:

  • Avoiding (the use of unnecessary products)
  • Reducing (the needs of your business by becoming aware of unnecessary expenditures)
  • Reusing (any materials that can be used again instead of immediately throwing them away after one use)
  • Recycling (paper, batteries, plastic, aluminum, cardboard)

By changing simple things about the way the company operates, it is possible to make a significant difference in the environmental impact of an organization.

Kyocera’s commitment from inception

Kyocera’s motto since the company started is “Respect the Divine and Love People.” The founders recognized coexisting with nature as one of the three pillars of coexistence, along with coexisting with our community and coexisting with our global society. The entire Kyocera Group has taken that commitment and show it in every area of the company’s dealings and practices.

The Kyocera Environmental Charter

The Kyocera Environmental Charter was established in 1991 and revised most recently in 2013. It recognizes that more affluent countries are accustomed to high standards of living, leading to mass consumption and destruction of the environment. It outlines the priorities the company will adhere to, such as

  1. minimizing the impact on the natural environment
  2. studying and evaluating the effect the business is having on the environment
  3. researching to find and develop environmentally friendly products, and
  4. purchasing and using recyclable materials.

These are just some of the principles in the charter.

Kyocera Group Environmental Safety Policy

This is an important policy which deals with measures the company will take to address the promotion of environmental protection and work safety. The safety policy supports social responsibility and aims to build a corporate culture where the workplace is free from accidents and disasters.
By integrating principles of economic sustainability and workplace safety, Kyocera is working to build an environment where the workers don’t just feel safe but valued. When they enjoy their jobs, the workers can achieve at their highest levels.

Environment Vision 2020

To meet their goals, the Kyocera Group has established more specific goals. Recognizing that no one company can achieve any of the goals alone, the Kyocera Group is working toward a low-carbon and recycling-based society. Even before reaching that goal, they are looking to meet an even bigger goal by 2030 to reduce the company’s carbon emissions.
While industrialization has moved people further from nature, the Kyocera Group strives to bring people back into coexistence with nature. This benefits the company, the workers, and ultimately everyone else. By being a company which has practiced these principles successfully, the Kyocera Group can offer itself as a model to other companies which want to become more successful financially while becoming more environmentally friendly.