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There are strong movements in the business world today to create KPIs, more systems and more processes. However, creating these technology solutions in Philadelphia can be challenging and complex — even for the most advanced business users. Today’s technology platforms are highly integrated and can require external support before you are able to recognize true value from your dashboards or automated systems.
You wouldn’t spend marketing dollars if you didn’t know what the ROI was and couldn’t prove it – why should you do that with employees? Here are some ways to help ensure that your KPIs are telling the full story of whether or not your staff members are providing a positive ROI for your business.

Position-based ROI

Helping your employees see that there are specific costs associated with their position, and acknowledging that they are required to meet certain standards creates an atmosphere of accountability. This focus on employee ROI is one of the key facets that is critically important to scaling your business. Ongoing training and conversations are required to help employees see the way that they are contributing to the organization. That could include everything from the tasks that they are doing to the way they are interacting with others throughout the organization. When you select the correct measures and are able to work with a technology company in Philadelphia to create actionable metrics, you’re providing employees with the feedback that they need to be successful at all levels of the organization.

Understanding Job Duties

Are you positive that your employees fully understand their day-to-day priorities — in order of responsibility? If you asked them to write down their top priorities, their list should be remarkably similar to a list that you would create for them. If your staff members are spending time and company resources on items that are less-than-critical, they are not providing the ROI that you need from that position.

Effectively Measuring Job Performance

If you’re not holding employees accountable, then you’re missing the boat on employee productivity. This strong system for measuring progress should be automated and actionable — meaning not only the manager and executives can see where the employee is in terms of ROI, but the employee herself. There are many ways to create and measure key performance indicators (KPIs), but what can be difficult is limiting the number of measures that you consider “critical to success”.
When you are looking for technology solutions in Philadelphia, see how OSIS can help you create metrics and reports that are customized for your unique business needs. Help each employee see their ROI clearly, and transparently aggregate reporting to senior leadership with actionable dashboards. Implementing these processes the right way will make a vast difference in the value you achieve from your business.