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Have You Considered Using Kareo?

If you want to compete in today’s technology-driven environment, you need current software solutions. For physical therapists and chiropractors, this includes EHR and practice management software. But it can be difficult when trying to decide which one to choose. We’ve gone in depth on one here – Kareo.
Kareo is an all-in-one platform that provides physical therapy and chiropractic practices with an easy-to-use platform. It’s a cloud-based, mobile-friendly EHR solution that helps you handle scheduling, send out appointment reminders, manage registrations, develop superbills, use secure messaging, collect patient payments, ensure compliance and more.
It was designed by doctors to work as a “plug-and-play” solution, so it seamlessly fits the way you work. This means once it’s installed you can be up and running quickly.
Kareo is trusted by more than 45,000 providers.
Choose from Kareo Clinical, Kareo Engage, Kareo Billing or Kareo Managed Billing.

  • Kareo Clinical in an EHR solution that provides access to the critical information you need to navigate through your day with speed, accuracy and efficiency.
  • Kareo Engage is an automated marketing and front office tool to help you build your brand online and connect with patients.
  • Kareo Billing supports your in-house billing process with web and mobile applications to help your staff efficiently manage complications that come with billing insurance.
  • Kareo Managed Billing helps you collect payments faster using better insights. It’s designed to help you get paid more quickly with the help of their billing experts. They take complex, complicated billing issues off your plate to give you greater peace of mind and more time for your patients.

How Will Kareo Benefit Our Practice?
It provides a superior end-to-end patient experience from helping you get found online, to providing care reminders for your patients. The result is better healthcare delivery, increased and faster patient collections and happier, healthier patients.
Save Time For Your Patients
Use their existing templates or create your own to meet your unique needs. You’ll have one-click access to commonly used tests, measures, and treatments to save time and effort. This leaves you the time you need to spend with your patients.
Use Kareo’s SALT, Same-As-Last-Time feature to copy a previous note or superbill from one patient visit to another. Just update the documentation and charges for the current patient.
Improve Your Productivity
Support your practice’s workflow, manage patients, upload documents and send secure messages. Built-in secure messaging lets you efficiently communicate with your patients, employees and billers.
An agenda overview provides the visibility that shows at a glance what needs your attention. You can customize your schedule, set appointment reminders and manage patient alerts.
And work from anywhere at any time. Kareo has an application for the iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. You can view your appointments, write notes, and even send superbills on the go.
Get Paid Faster
Kareo’s web and mobile applications help you overcome the complications that come with billing insurance.
You and your staff can efficiently manage patient billing, reauthorizations, claims management, patient payments, secure messaging and compliance. You can ensure you’ll get paid with advanced claim processing and tracking tools so that you can stay apprised of your accounts receivables.
Kareo billing is also cloud-based, so your files are updated wherever and whenever you access them. Electronic charting, scheduling, billing and reporting helps you streamline processes and get paid faster.
Plus, billing analytics and reporting give you the ability to monitor your practice performance efficiently. It includes smart checks and balances built right into your workflows.
Kareo is ICD-10 Compliant. It provides the tools you need to code correctly. With more ways to capture your charges, you can eliminate missed or lost ones.
Connect With Patients
Kareo Engage helps patients to find you on search engines. Use Engage to build your brand on the Internet and connect with patients. 77% of patients search online for health providers. Kareo Engage makes it easy for patients to find you.
Kareo’s ODM tool syncs your correct location data on dozens of healthcare sites, search engines, mobile apps, and platforms and your website. Patients can book appointments directly from your site.
Then you can use Kareo’s online scheduler, patient reminders, and patient surveys to improve your patient experience. The result is better care delivery and happier patients.
Integrate Modules For Increased Efficiency and Accuracy
Integrate Kareo Engage with your Billing and Clinical workflows so your administrative staff can stay on top of patient communications and help you get paid faster.
This also reduces manual, error-prone data entry. With online patient intake, insurance capture and eligibility checks they can accurately collect patient data for future communications to save time and reduce billing confusion for your patients.
The list of positives and raving reviews Kareo goes on and on. As a trusted IT consultant for chiropractors and physical therapists we can help you ask the right questions and find the right software and IT solutions that work best for your practice. For more information about using Kareo or other types of software, contact One Source Imaging Solutions in Baltimore, Maryland or Washington DC.
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