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Many small business owners and executives struggle to find enough time to manage the day-to-day demands of running a business; and dealing with the ever-changing world of technology usually isn’t a priority. Delivering value for your customers is likely why you created your business in the first place, so it’s usually your top priority.

Many small businesses do not survive more than five years because of insufficient cash flow and customer demand. The economy changes and your competitors are using technology to be more innovative, in order to capture more market share.

When you’re looking to stay ahead of the competitors, you need a highly effective IT strategy.

Good IT and business strategy is about providing superior, hard to copy customer value! Technology can help you achieve that, make your employees more productive and efficient, and help your business reduce overall expenses. However, it’s about influencing the future and being proactive, not just reacting to day-to-day network issues that slow down your business.

As an executive for your business, here are 3 effective IT strategy tools you can implement today to grow your business in the future:

  1. You need to move beyond the typical computer support/repair company!

This means, paying for a computer repair or support company that you call when stuff breaks or is not working well, is no longer an option- you need more. You need an IT company that’s proactive – regularly monitoring and maintaining your systems while working alongside you to create a plan that works for your needs and budget – allowing you to meet the goals and objectives you’ve set.

  1. You need a CIO for greater strategy and direction – without the cost of a full-time salary!

A CIO is somebody to provide you strategy and direction for your technology that mirrors the growth plans of your business. He/she is your IT strategy expert! Small business with less than 100 employees/computer users cannot afford or need a full-time CIO. However, you do need a technology partner that provides this service. Does your IT company provide this type of service? If not, you need to change companies as this is vital to the growth of your business.

  1. You need plans developed for WHEN you have a security breach or disasters occur, not if!

If you do not have plans developed for when you have a security breach (not if), internal and external, and/or when you have a failure in your network (server failure, fire, file corruption, theft, major virus, etc.), you will cost your business tens of thousands of dollars. Symantec reports that for each day a small business is unable to access line of business applications and key client information, they lose an average of $13,000 in revenue.

There are more IT strategies you can implement to secure your business and ensure its future growth. For more information visit, https://www.kimidatlantic.com/it-strategy/ and https://www.kimidatlantic.com/disaster-preparation-and-business-continuity/.

Your information technology is the backbone of your business. Your line of business applications that generate revenue rely on it. To keep IT supporting you and your staff, you need to take care of your technology, apply preventative maintenance and proper insurance so it thrives and helps your business thrive too! But when you need to focus on running your business everyday, you do not have the time to worry about managing all your technology along with your repair vendor.

When you are planning for the future of your business, you need to prepare for the worst, so it won’t happen or you will be prepared for when it does. Your small business needs an IT partner to help you and any internal IT personnel build IT strategy around your business growth plans.

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