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How Kyocera Multi-Function Printers, Data Security Kits and Tiered Color Program Played A Key Role

Managed Print Services
The Situation
We helped a successful hedge fund specializing in systematic managed future and equity market neutral strategies cut their printing costs and more. The company occupied three floors of office space and was downsizing to two floors. Although their initial goal was to consolidate the number of print devices determined through an assessment, it was discovered that they required better device monitoring tools and a more comprehensive document management strategy.
The Challenge
Our Kyocera team conducted an assessment of their print devices for functionality and necessity and obtained meter readings. The types of documents printed and scanned were analyzed, and samples run to determine average color coverage.
We noticed that the majority of color prints were less than 15% color coverage. The client hoped to produce Pantone® colors and similar color quality to that of their digital press since they were experiencing significant downtime with the press. They were also concerned about secure printing, as well as the ability to lock out the scan to USB/print to USB feature.
The hedge fund required a low cost of operation, ease of use, and fulfillment of their existing lease. It was essential that they have data security kits, removal and replacement of their current hard drive, clearing of all IP addresses in the desktop printers, removal of all desktop printers, labels placed on all Kyocera equipment with security language, and an agreement to send the letter of intent and changes in the lease agreement language.
The Solution
To address all of the client’s “must-haves,” we recommended a Kyocera TASKalfa 7551ci MFP with Fiery for Pantone color matching, a TASKalfa 3551ci MFP and eight ECOSYS printers. Also included were Kyocera’s Net Viewer network device management software, PrintFleet® DCA (Data Collection Agent), Data Security Kits and Kyocera’s tiered color program.
Our Kyocera team also provided a complete service and supply contract at a competitive cost-per-page on all print devices. The tiered color program allowed the hedge fund client to achieve the high-quality Pantone color matching they desired; while saving on printing costs since they only paid for the color they actually printed.
The Results
The client realized considerable savings, thanks to Kyocera’s low cost of ownership and tiered color program. The security features, performance and reliability of the devices allowed them to print without concern or compromise.

What Are The Benefits To Kyocera’s Tiered Color System Advantage?

You only pay for the color you use.

  • It works seamlessly with Kyocera color MFPs (Multi-Function Printers) and offers excellent color quality within your budget.
  • You can print impactful documents with a splash of color or vibrant full coverage to get your message across at a lower cost per page, based on tiered billing.
  • You can reduce the cost of your color printing by evaluating whether you are printing a simple text document with a color company logo or a full-color document.

You’ll have customized color printing to fit your needs.
This is a print solution that will revolutionize the way you pay for color printing. Kyocera technology puts you in control by defining your color usage levels, based on your documents. Therefore, you pay for only the amount of color you use.
For example, do you currently use a black and white MFP or printer, but would like to add color to documents, such as letterheads and invoices? Kyocera’s unique Tiered Color System can help you control your costs by evaluating every document to determine whether it is a simple text document with a color company logo, a full-color document or somewhere in between, and charges accordingly.

How Does Kyocera’s Tiered Color System Work?

Besides the traditional color and black and white counters, Kyocera devices also have three additional counters which count the coverage of printed and copied pages and categorizes them into three groups.
You can choose from three levels:
1. Simple Color (Low Coverage): For things like printing a color company logo on black and white correspondence.
2. Business Color (Medium Coverage): You’d use this on documents like reports that contain colorful charts and graphs with text.
3. Creative Color (High Coverage): For color-rich collateral such as brochures and presentations.
For more information about how Kyocera’s Tiered Color System can bring affordable color printing to your office, contact:
One Source Imaging Solutions, Inc.