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Throwing together anInformation Technology solution isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to plan and have the right resources at your fingertips for whatever may come your way. What would you do if you had a flood, fire, or other disaster that wiped out all of your technology?

How would you recover or stay afloat? Did you know that 72% of small businesses that experience major data losses will never fully recover? Many of those will also go out of business within a year.

Having a proactive strategy for your information technology is what keeps businesses like yours running without downtime.

Kyocera Intelligence keeps you moving forward even in the most critical cases. OurInformation Technology strategies help prevent data disasters and security threats. It may sound easy to put together a full I.T. solution, but your strategies have to be well thought out and prepare you for what’s coming your way.

Here are the three approaches Kyocera Intelligence takes when working with your Information Technology strategy:

  • Systems moving at the speed of your business: Information Technology is often the reason why businesses can’t upgrade and stay up to speed. If you’ve ever caught yourself saying “we just bought the software and it doesn’t support us” or “we need something better,” that means it’s time for a strategic plan on your Information Technology.
  • Using what works for YOU, not what’s newest on the market: We don’t just push the newest technology solutions at you as soon as they’re available. Why? 1) it’s not always affordable and 2) It’s not always sustainable. You may have no need for that newest tech toy that just came out – a lot of the time, using products that are proven to last will save you more money in training, programs, and time.
  • A business-centric I.T. approach: Wherever you may go,Information Technology is always around you, even in your sales and customer service. That’s why we focus on your business operations first, and how your technology can improve them, leading to efficient delivery of products, services, and outcomes.

Building your Information Technology solution alone is a surefire way to waste your time and money, forcing you to always worry about updating technology instead of focusing on your business.

Turn to Kyocera Intelligence for a customized strategy build just for your Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia & Mid-Atlantic Region business, so you can use your technology instead of having it use you. Call Kyocera Intelligence at (800) 875-8843 or email itsolutions@kimidatlantic.com for your personalized plan today.