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If your business is looking to solve critical issues with your technology, improve operational efficiency and achieve your business objectives, it’s time to look for a new IT company. Having the right technology partner helps you gain a competitive advantage, solve pressing business challenges and leverage the latest in cloud computing, managed IT services and IT security.

In our series, What You Should Know Before Hiring a New IT Companywe’ll take a closer look at what you should look for in an IT partner.
In Part 1 of our series, we provide some insights on how an IT partner can improve WiFi in your office.

What Can My New IT Company Do To Improve WiFi?

WiFi is essential to businesses today. Your employees need access to information while in different parts of your building. Customers and guests expect to have access while visiting your location. Keeping these networks secured and accessible is a necessary IT function.
Here are 5 topics to ask a potential new IT company about for better WiFi:

  1. Centralized Access Point. Your wireless access hub can’t be stored in a remote utility closet or tucked in the corner. To optimize the signal, your wireless access point should be mounted as high as possible in a central location. Your new IT company can help determine the right settings to allow for maximum access internally without exposing the network to potential attackers.
  2. Connected Access Points. You want to be sure your wireless signal is effective throughout your business footprint. That connectivity allows for seamless communication within a larger building and when moving to other buildings. With connected access points, a user’s smartphone, tablet or laptop automatically connects to the access point that provides the strongest signal. In addition, employees and guests have uninterrupted Internet service in multiple locations.
  3. Secured Network. Your business needs to protect sensitive information, including intellectual property, employee and customer personal information and financial information. Keeping all the access points secure and monitored for suspicious activity helps to prevent unwanted attacks that could compromise your data. In addition, if you need to provide wireless access for customers or guests, you should consider separate networks for internal and guest traffic. This approach, along with encryption, rigorous password controls and verification processes, helps keep your most private information from being compromised.
  4. Try Different Wireless Channels. If you’re in an area with lots of wireless networks, your channel may become clogged with traffic, slowing your connection. Your new IT company can help you find a channel with less traffic that allows for faster website loading and data transmission. There are many sites and apps that can show you how much traffic is on your WiFi channel. Let your IT professional help manage interference from neighbors or other devices so your signal strength does not degrade.
  5. Check Your Internet Service. Plugging in a device to your internet connection gives you the best possible service and speed. Using wireless means a degraded signal at the outset. Again, apps are available to check your wireless network speed, but it’s a smart idea to check with your IT partner about the best possible Internet provider for your business. Better Internet access means more productive employees and more satisfied customers.

How Will A New IT Company Keep My Network Secure?

Network vulnerabilities expose your company to cyberattacks, which are costly, not just in expenses, but also to your reputation. According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, the average cost of a breach is $3.86 million. Given the extensive cost of a cyberattack, it’s remarkable that according to another Ponemon report, the 2018 Study on Global Megatrends in Cybersecurity, only 36 percent of respondents believed that senior leadership saw cybersecurity as a strategic priority.
That’s why your company needs an IT partner that prioritizes keeping your network secure. At Kyocera Intelligence, our comprehensive security solution includes 24/7 network monitoring, staff training, log analysis, event correlation, behavior analytics and monthly external vulnerability assessments.
To learn more about why Kyocera Intelligence, the leading managed IT provider in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Delaware, New Jersey, Northern Virginia and Pennsylvania, should be your new IT companyschedule your free consultation today.